Posted by: granny1947 | August 21, 2010

Granny’s freak out.

OK…so I lied.
Time for one more post and then I must start getting ready to hit the road.

Before I tell you what happened last night I have to describe my en-suite bathroom.
Bear with me.
It is tiny.
It is defintely a one person room.

I walked in last night to have a shower…minus my glasses.
I,normally, take my glasses off to shower.
I turned around and there was a HUGE spider.
Maybe not the size of a dinner plate but certainly as big as my hand.

I am not someone who screams.
If it had been a snake I would have screamed.
If it had been a snake the whole complex would have heard me.
He moved.
I recall a strangled noise escaping my lips.
In my panic I CLOSED the door.
With me still inside.
I rectified that situation post haste.
Slithered out the bathroom and woke MEX.

Now MEX is even more scared of creepy crawlies than I am.
I have a mean streak.
He called for a tin of Doom.
I tried to convince him to chase it out the window.
Not a chance in hell.
I have always told my kids it is bad luck to kill a spider.
Well, it is.
For the spider.
I didn’t win the lottery so maybe I am right.

I waited ten minutes and then stuck my head into the bathroom to see where it was.
ONLY my head mind you.
Now it was IN the shower.
On the floor.
Still twitching.
I went to be unwashed.


  1. Bwahaha, anything that jumps, or MAY jump and that I can’t chase outside gets drowned in Baygon in my house! I know that it’s wrong, but what the hell… I live there…

    • I would have chased it outside but it looked like it might jump…brrrr

  2. Eeeeeeeeeek!

    • Ooooops…forgot how scared you are Cindy!

  3. Hehehe, I’m so with you and Adee on this one! Anything that doesn’t belong gets it’s come-comeuppance with a can of Mortein Target emptied on it!

    • Hi HP…I can’t kill anything…if MEX hadn’t been here I would have moved out.

  4. Spiders are my worst nightmare too. I’m ashamed to say, I’ve washed a few down the plughole, and sucked a few up the vacuum cleaner. Of course, then the plug must be put in place so Mr Spider can’t get back in, and the vacuum cleaner must be left on for at least half an hour, until I’m sure it’s dead.

    • I didn’t think of using the vacuum AD…must remember that!

  5. Oh, I’m sorry, but I had a chuckle at that! I don’t fault you for wanting to be ‘rid’ of it, though. Especially in the bathroom, there’s just something so horror-movie-ish about that. Eww!

    • Hello Kathy….especially in a TINY bathroom.

  6. Some years ago our cat caught a snake. It was alive. Our son put it in a box to take away but he didn’t and when it escaped in the house, he didn’t tell us. A few days later, I heard my wife creaming my name … and she’s not a screamer. The snake had curled up beneath the toilet seat and peeked out just as she began to sit down. Needless to say, I took the snake away and my son hid out for a few days.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • Hehehe Bud…if there was a snake in MY bathroom I would move house!

  7. I’m not sure what a tin of Doom is, but if has any potency against American bugs,could you direct me on how to have it imported? The roaches just laugh at everything we have tried,maybe something foreign would work as they haven’t been innoculated against it…Anyhoo, I still love snakes as I had a pet one, but since becoming a mom, I am suddenly creeped out by spiders and wild rodents,as I found a dead mouse in the middle of the floor the other day,so you were not alone in your shrieking.;)

    • Good Morning Morgue…you love snakes…eeeeeeek.
      It took nearly a whole tin to get the spider and then it STILL twitched so I guess our stuff is also not that good.
      For the record…I did NOT shriek…..just a strangled yelp!

  8. Shame man…. now there are a thousand spider babies waiting for their mom to come home…. *sniff*

  9. Freak-out indeed, Granny

  10. ! 🙂

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