Posted by: granny1947 | August 20, 2010

Granny’s pre-trip post

Good Evening All.
Thought I would slip in an extra post today.
Doubt I will post tomorrow..
Tomorrow is the big wedding day.
Gale force winds and heavy rain forecast for tomorrow.
I am SO looking forward to driving over Sir Lowry’s pass in that lot.
Coming back in the dark is going to be a whole lot of fun too.
At least I should have loads to blog about.

I have instructed Grandson to be ready to leave at eleven.
Which means we will have a couple of hours to kill in the village.
Be still my beating heart.
The timing of the wedding sucks too.
I NEVER have money the week before payday.
The gas for the trip has saturated my budget.

Oh Boy….the wind is starting to howl around the house.
I think the coldfront is arriving early.
My cup runneth over.

I invited the little boy from next door to come to the beach with me.
That is him in the pic.
He has an incredible imagination.
I had to keep admiring the fireballs he was making from seasand.
You have to love little boys.
I,also, had to keep reminding myself he was with me.
Check where he was.
Imagine if I had come home without him?
Not impossible!

Right…now I am off to have a shower and to read for a while.
Try to be fresh for the journey.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.



  1. Hubby is freezing in PE still too, and me here so I guess winter hasn’t left completely yet.

    Take it extra careful on the roads tomorrow, and enjoy the wedding 🙂

    There’s nothing like the imagination of littlies!

    • Good Morning HP….HORRIBLE day here today.

  2. go carefully

    • Thanks Sidey..will do.

  3. Said small boy is not that easy to see! The weather seems like the sort that makes me resist pooch pleas.

    I think you’ll be glad when this wedding thing is over! We await updates with keen anticipation.

    • Morning Col…it was actually really nice down there last night…today is a different story!

  4. Drive carefully,keep warm and enjoy the wedding.

    • Thanks BB…I will try!

  5. Best of luck getting through the day Old Girl, give me a missed call to let me know you’re home safely, would you?

    • Morning Cindy…I will try to remember but it might be late.

  6. Sorry about the weather! Be safe and enjoy the wedding, Gran. Looking forward to hearing all about it… Bless you.

    • Thanks Adee….wonder how the bride is going to stay warm?

  7. Hope the wedding is a lovely one and you manage to keep warm. Drive safe. Hugs and love to you.

    • Thank you so much AD….will tell you all about it tomorrow.

  8. Do hope the weather is kind to you. Take care and enjoy the wedding.
    Little boys imaginations are always so much more ‘dramatic’ than little girls – lots of bombs, fire and noise!

    • Hello Wolf…the weather coming home was out of a horror movie!!!!

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