Posted by: granny1947 | August 19, 2010

Granny’s thursday toys.

Hi All.
Went down to the beach feeling a bit tired and depressed.
Came back frozen and numb.
Spring has retreated somewhat.
Jasmine raced along the beach and then came hurtling towards me.
She swerved at the last moment and missed me by an inch.
Then she looked at me and smiled.
Do not tell me that dogs do not have a sense of humour.

They had a special at our local supermarket,yesterday.
A big basket of pet’s toys at one rand each.
I bought Jasmine a squeaky bone.
She bit it and it squeaked and she jumped a foot in the air and looked very concerned.
This continued for a good twenty minutes.
She had me in hysterics.
The best rand I have ever spent.
I think she has now buried it!

To be fair I also bought a catnip cushion for Tom.
He looked at it with utter disdain.
As if to say….”And I am supposed to do WHAT with this?”

So…my mind is an utter blank.

I think I will retire to my bed with a book.

Have a great evening all.



  1. Hi Granny, I can identify with being depressed…had to smile though at Jasmine’s behaviour – animals know how to cheer us up.

    • good Morning MTM…I don’t often get depressed…thank God.

  2. Lucy also doesn’t like the catnip toys, but she goes beserk for a treat from P&P containing catnip. I don’t have any left to give you the name, but it’s in a small resealable packet (a bright emerald green packet).

    • Morning HP…haven’t noticed anything like that down here…maybe it is a Natal thing.
      Take care today please.

  3. I laughed just at the thought of jasmine with that squeaky bone. Sleep well, granny and wake up refreshed and ready for the fray tomorrow. TGIF Hugs xx

    • Good Morning AD…there was no sign of it last night…think I will give her the catnip cushion!

  4. These animals DO know, don’t they, Granny? Those little animal souls are right in tune with us.

    • Good Morning Souldipper…I can’t imagine my life without one of my animals…such unconditional love…well…from the dog anyway…not so sure about the cat!

  5. Jasmine is a dog after my own heart! I agree dogs do have a sense of humour!

    My little Fritz has had a squeaky toy right from the start and he loves it to bits. I’ve been trying to find another the same or similar, unsuccessfully as this one went AWOL once for a couple of days.

    • Good Morning Adee…am sure she thought the thing was alive!!!

  6. Jasmine and the squeaker gave me a smile. I’m battling to keep Lulubelle from munching up all Diski’s toys …

    • Good Morning Cindy…with the size of Lulubelle…good luck with that!

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