Posted by: granny1947 | August 17, 2010

Granny’s tremulous Tuesday

Good Morning Everyone.
Today is the day.
We have the interview with the school principal at 2:30.
I wish it was over.
My grandson’s whole future is at stake.

I will probably not come back to work.
With a bit of luck Jasmine and I will hit the beach early.
She needs an extra long walk today.
We didn’t go last evening.
I was just too pooped.
Work is really interfering with my social life.

On Saturday my elder daughter gets married.
I am trying to be positive about it.
I have reservations.
I have grave reservations.
There is nothing I can do about it.
I feel very helpless.

Her son will be giving her away.
The one who has the interview today.
We will be travelling together.
I don’t think he is looking forward to the two and a half hour trip with his Gran.
If I put my mind to it I can lecture him the entire trip.
I will give him a break on the way back.
The wedding is at 4:00pm.
We will not be staying for the whole reception.
I don’t fancy the trip back in the dark.
Stupid bloody time for it.
No thought given to the people who have to travel.

Have just received the news that my Stepdad will be visiting me next month.
He is coming down for his sister’s 90th birthday.
It will be great.
If you serve him an egg on toast he always says “that was the best meal I have had in years”
Of course this means you don’t know if he actually hated your cooking.
Just as well.

Now…back to the grindstone.
Have a wonderful day.


I’m the life of the party…… even if it lasts until 8 p.m. 
I’m very good at opening childproof caps…. with a hammer. 
I’m usually interested in going home before I get to where I am going. 
I’m awake many hours before my body allows me to get up. 
I’m smiling all the time because I can’t hear a thing you’re saying. 
I’m very good at telling stories; over and over and over and over… 
I’m so cared for — long term care, eye care, private care, dental care. 


  1. lol.
    Thrilled to read that your stepdad is well enough to travel.
    Holding thumbs for the school interview.

    • Thanks Cindy…he gets stronger every day.

  2. Hope it goes well at the school. Will send positive thoughts your way.

    • Hello Stephanie…thanks for the visit….the positive thoughts worked!!!

  3. *hands Granny a glass of the good stuff for her nerves for the school meeting!*

    • What would I do without you Justme?

  4. Just remember we are all rooting for you, Gran. Hope grandson has learnt his lesson and apologises to you for all he’s put you through. Good luck!

    • Plaster and 3 K-wires removed under anaesthetic last week Wednesday. Was fitted with the brace yesterday, Gran. I believe it’s for 6 weeks now, not 4. First 2 weeks must wear it all the time except to bath (at last!) but I couldn’t bring myself to sit down in case I couldn’t get up again, so I had to kneel. But the good news is that I can start driving again. Couldn’t pluck up the courage for that either this morning – daughter scared the living daylights out of me by telling me the doc prob assumes I have power steering, but my car is so old I don’t think it was invented yet, lol. Have to resume my search for fitting for shower curtain…

      • Oh wow Adee…sounds so painful…hope you are on medical aid?

    • The joy of blogging Adee…all the support.

      • Yes, Medical Aid should pay for all in-hospital costs, but not emergency, physio, brace, etc.

      • Ouch Adee…hope it does not amount to too much!

  5. Good Luck Granny – for both the meeting and the wedding. I pray your reservations are unfounded. xx

    • Oh God…me too MisssChris.

  6. Oh my word… I have a vision of you sitting outside the principal’s office all nervous and wringing your hands. Exactly like you must have 40 years ago…. 🙂

    • Thanks Frog…it went well.

    • Thank you my friend…it went great!

  7. Good luck with the interview, granny. Hope your grandson is given another chance to prove himself. So glad your step dad is well enough to party. That’s really good news. Hugs xx

  8. *sneaks in and places a bottle of champers and a bottle of whiskey behind Granny’s calendar … the outcome of the meeting will determine which one Granny grabs!*

  9. hope all went well!

    • Thanks Tandy…it went great!

  10. Good morning Granny! Good luck with the school interview. The photo today was very nice — love those waves. Have a good day — maybe scribble some notes for the Saturday lecture?

  11. I hope the interview went off well today.
    Great news about your Stepdad!

    • Thanks HP…am very chuffed he is coming down.

  12. Look forward to the outcomes. I’m pulling for you – I heard crossed fingers work retroactively.

    • Thanks Souldipper…all the crossed fingers worked!

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