Posted by: granny1947 | August 16, 2010

Granny’s manic Monday

Good Morning All.
Pictures are from Saturday.
The tide was very low so there was a huge expanse of beach.
I took nearly 6 year old granddaughter down.
It was a perfect day.
She raced up and down.
Chased seagulls.
Didn’t catch one.
Jasmine could have told her that.
I am sure she slept very soundly on Saturday night.

I just love the exuberance of the above shot.
You can just see how she is embracing life.
If only we could all be like that.

In other news.
I am ready to kill a couple of staff members.
I can handle stupidity.
Carelessness is a different story.

Tomorrow I go to another school for an interview.
Hopefully, we get grandson in.
He is missing so much.
Please hold thumbs.
And toes.
And any other part of your anatomy you consider lucky.
Try not to get arrested.

Now let me get back to work.
I needed a  little break.



  1. Holding thumbs!

    • thank you Cindy….wish it was over.

  2. Lovely Pic!

    • Hello Nzwa….glad you enjoyed.

  3. Gorgeous pic of nearly 6 year old, granny. Holding thumbs for your grandson. Hugs xx

    • Thank you AD…lovely to get a shot unposed!

  4. Also holding thumbs – as best I can, Gran. Love the pic – loving life!

    • How IS your hand now ADee????

  5. I had R eagerly chasing seagulls the other day. She and the dogs are equally unsuccessful at catching them. Sounds like culling those staff members would be justifiable homicide!

    • Hello Col….just don’t know what to do with the bodies.

  6. The color of that sky is almost as glorious as the joy captured in that sweet little girl with her arms wide open. Keeping everything crossed for your grandson.

    • Thank you Joann….need all the positive vibes we can get.

  7. Gorgeous photo, Granny.
    Holding thumbs for Grandson and you.xx

    • Thanks HP…am really stressing…he HAS to get in.

  8. If I ran around on the rocks with my arms outstretched like that – I will be minus my two front teeth as I drop face down due to a severe lack of balance! 😦
    Good luck with tomorrow Granny – hope he gets in and I hope he realises that this is now the time to pull finger and work…. Holding thumbs!

    • My word Frog…when you decide to comment you go the whole hog.Thanks Love.

      • I haven’t had any time for anything lately. But I get your posts in my mailbox so I know everything that is happening. It looks like things are easing up now though – so now I will bug you again with my insane cackling… 🙂

      • I love you bugging me Frog so feel free to continue!

  9. Such a lovely photo of your granddaughter.I need to catch up on the blogs obviously-he wasn’t accepted at the other school?Can they do that?

    • I didn’t think they could bb…just have not had the time to phone the Dept of Education!

  10. I also chase seagulls and hope I never catch one.

    • this I would LOVE to see Rob!!!

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