Posted by: granny1947 | August 12, 2010

Granny’s catch-up

Good Morning Everybody.
Too busy to blog at work yesterday.
Too tired to blog from home.
Went to bed early and then picked up the third book in the Twilight series.
Big mistake.
Read until midnight.
I am one tired Granny today.
Moderation silly cow…moderation.

My boss has been hovering.
I think I hate people who hover as much as I hate people who loom.
Come to think of it…he does both.
I asked him if he was bored.
He said…not anymore.
Go figure.

I had to do an incapacity brief on a staff member who has taken thirty days sick leave in one year.
Oy vey…what fun.
My job would be a lot easier if I didn’t have people.
Mental note…check lottery results.

Now, I desperately need a cup of STRONG coffee.
Then to get stuck in.
I will try to get to my comments at lunch time.
I am missing you lot.



  1. Hi Love, I would hate having a loomer around too.

    • Hi Cindy…better than a stalker,I guess!

  2. Awful to have someone looming and lurking around you when you’re trying to blog. Hope the coffee perks you up, granny. Hugs to you xx Lovely pic as usual. ;->

    • thanks AD…I like that pic too.

  3. We missed you too, Gran. 😥

  4. Hate hoverers!! Have a great day granny!

    • Hi Misschris…am trying…it isn’t working!

  5. 25 MILLION tonight!

    • Uhm Douglas…tomorrow night!

  6. So did you win?!

    • would I still be at work NA????/

  7. Hope tomorrow is a whole lot better for you.
    I hope you showed your hoverer just how much time is wasted on the daily task sheets.

    • Hehehe HP…when he phoned me this morning I said “hold on..let me just write down this interruption”

  8. Don’t you just wish you could tell the hoverer/loomer to take a flying leap? But after you win the lottery, of course! Have you been following the story about the flight attendant who wigged out? It’s the topic of the week over here. All about job frustration. Anyway, Granny glad to see you’re back. Did you ever check out the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books? Let me know what you think, if you do.

    • Good Afternoon klrs…nope I haven’t tried for those books yet…have a PILE of books to get through first…one and a half of the Twilight series…the 3rd and 4th…a Phil Rickman and a Terry Pratchett…life is good!
      No…haven’t seen the story?

  9. The sparkling vampires and hunky werewolves are keeping you up late,eh? If memory serves, you haven’t read to Breaking Dawn just yet,I forget which number book it is, but that one was my favorite because it was twisted and totally sucked me in. For the record,I am Team Edward, ‘cos I like sparkly stuff and abhor men with too much fur;) When you take a break from the Fang-wolf saga, you may notice I managed a new post. Yup,I posted last night and even got out of bed today. Banner days for me, banner days.

    • Hello Morgue…I also like Edward but am a bit put off by how cold he is…physically…brrrrrrrrr
      I will be over in a sec to read your post!

  10. My sprogs always seem to hover and loom when I’m trying to read something interesting on the web. Urgh.
    Have a super weekend, Granny.

    • Hi madmom…you need to stop visiting those porn sites!

  11. When ever your boss goes to the toilet, HOVER outside – and when he comes out – smile at him knowingly before walking back to your desk. He will not come near you ever again – PROMISE! *mad cackle*

    • Hmmmmmmmm..Lynda…he works on a different floor…maybe I can get someone to call me when he goes…I love that idea.

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