Posted by: granny1947 | August 10, 2010

Granny’s childhood….one

Hello All.
Jasmine and I have just come back from the beach.
I am frozen.
Thought you should know that.
Jasmine likes me again.

I had a day from hell.
I couldn’t even blog.
So….we won’t even talk about it.

I lay and tossed and turned until 2:30am this morning.
For some strange reason I started thinking of my childhood.
I thought I would tell a little about it.
Before Greatgran gets adept enough to find my posts!

When I was about eight my mother remarried.
Then she sent me to school in Hankey in the Patensie mountains.
Hankey was a small mining village.
It might still be there.
My mother told me she couldn’t get me into another school.
I reckon she lied.
I reckon she wanted some quality time with her new husband.
We have never talked about it.
I have no idea what they mined.
My feet are too cold to google.

The school was in danger of closing so they offerred free board and lodging if you sent your kid there.
I don’t remember the people I stayed with.
Probably because they were Afrikaans.
They spoke Afrikaans.
I didn’t.

The school was in the “town” hall.
Sub A to standard four were all together.
Everyone was Afrikaans.
Lessons were in Afrikaans.
Did I mention that I didn’t speak Afrikaans?
I don’t think I learned a thing.

The village was in a little valley.
I clearly remember the heat shimmering on the zinc roofs.
Hell that place was HOT.

The other thing I remember was my first encounter with prickly pears in the wild.
I,gaily, picked and picked and picked.
For the next three weeks I picked and picked and picked.
The thorns out of my fingers.
For some unknown reason I now have an aversion to prickly pears.

Two weeks before the holidays I went home for the weekend.
Threw a huge tantrum and refused to return.
My mother capitulated.
Strangely….she was able to get me into another school without any problem.
The honeymoon was over!



  1. My heart bleeds when I hear this story.

    • I have no hangups about it Cindy!!!

  2. Guess what?
    I googled Hankey, Patensie, mining …
    Your blog comes up as no 3 on the list!

    • Hehehe Cindy…that shows you how small Hankey is!!!

  3. Not an easy childhood, granny.. Not happy memories, but you came through, as we all do. I found your Mom’s blog and gave her a couple of comments. Hope she’s enjoying blogging. Hugs to you, and keep warm. It’s even cold here today. xx

    • Thanks for visiting Mom Ad….nope my childhood wasn’t bad at all…in retrospect.

      • Don’t sell yourself short — you’ve got plenty of talent. Look how many of us can’t wait to read your next post.

      • You are too sweet Kathy.

  4. Love the prickly pear story!

    • Bit of a thorny issue Adee.

  5. I hope you’re relaxing with a nice vase.

    Not a happy memory at all, I would be completely lost in an Afrikaans speaking environment.

    You google with your feet? *grin*

    • Of course I google with my feet HP…doesn’t everyone?

  6. Somehow childhood memories are often not of the ‘Walton family’ variety. Too bad. Despite that, though, we (most of us) seem to come through okay. You’ve definitely got some good stories Granny, perhaps you should write a book? Think of it as blogging on a greater scale. LOL!

    • Would love to write a book Kathy…then I got to read othe posts on WordPress and I was blown away…don’t have that sort of talent.

  7. “Children grow up in spite of their parents, not because of them” – my favourite saying!
    and that is one happy dog again!

  8. I stayed in Hankey. Went to school there till std 3. Still have family there. It still exists.

    • Good Morning Baglady….how awesome…most people would never have even heard of the place.

  9. Yikes it sounds like you got out of Hankey in the nick of time!

    • I should have stayed BB…would have improved my Afrikaans!

  10. Love your story, Granny. Feels like I’m sitting at your kitchen table and you are puttering as you unfold the past. Jasmine is asleep by my feet.

    • Thank you so much Souldipper…lovely mental image there.

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