Posted by: granny1947 | August 7, 2010

Granny remembers.

Good Morning All.

The above is still from Wednesday.
We didn’t walk last night.
The mist was pouring in.
Today does not look promising either but I might wrap up warmly and get rid of some of the cobwebs that are cluttering up my brain.

Today would have been my late husband’s birthday.
I have just calculated that he would have been 69 today.
Somehow I just can’t get my mind around that fact.
In my mind he is still the handsome 45 year old I remember.

We had a whirlwind courtship.
We married less than three months after meeting.
This was not MY idea.
I had come from an eighteen year old marriage to an alcoholic.
I was scared.
He was adamant.
He said he did not want to live with me with my seven year old daughter.
Didn’t want her to have to tell her friends he was my boyfriend.

He was wonderful.
We did everything together.
He liked cooking the meat.
I did the vegies.
We played scrabble while we cooked.
We talked.
Oh how we talked.
And we laughed.

He died 20 months after we married.
He had a heart condition we didn’t think was fatal.

So Trevor.
Thank you for those wonderful twenty months.
Thank you for the happy memories.
While I am around you will never be forgotten.

I love you.


  1. Big hug my friend.

  2. Lovely memories to treasure, Gran. Don’t be sad – you were lucky to have had 20 months of joy.

    • Yes I know Adee…just a little sad.

  3. Big Hugs to you granny, on this special day. You obviously have wonderful memories of him. Treasure them all. xx

  4. Aaah Granny .. thinking of you ! Cherish the memories my friend.
    Big Hugs

    • I do Puppy…I really do.

  5. Only 20 months? That seems SO unfair! Life can really be cruel. Terribly romantic in a sad sort of way, though.

    • Thank you Col…it was very romantic!

  6. Hugs to you sweet friend. Thank God for Trevor, you have some wonderful memories of very happy times. Love you xx

    • Thank you my friend…love you too.

  7. *love and hugs* xxx

    • Thank you sweetheart…have fun.

  8. Big hugs, granny.

    • Thanks HP…have a super weekend.

  9. Granny, how very sad but I am so glad you had the opportunity to know such a wonderful man. My father died very suddenly at a young age, too. The grief was such a hard thing, because we hadn’t anticipated his death. My sister was talking to a friend right after his death telling her friend she didn’t understand. Why would someone so good be taken away.

    My friend just looked at my sister and said, “Why? Because God don’t want no losers up there in Heaven with him.” Those simple, plain-spoken words gave me such comfort. The good ones do get taken first.

    Prayers and Blessings your way.

    • Damnit Joann…no losers? Does this mean I don’t get to see him again?????

  10. Hi Granny – so sad. I agree with Colonialist…life seems so unfair sometimes, but at least you did have 20 wonderful months and a lifetime worth of happy memories and he is always with you in your heart. Huge hug to you xxx

    • Thanks MTM…huge hugs are so good.

  11. Granny, what an incredible love story. Thank you for sharing it – all! – Amy

    • Good Morning Souldipper….a short but very sweet love story!

  12. Oh, Granny, that’s so sad. It sounds like Trevor was your soulmate. You know what? He still loves you too. Thinking of you.

    • Thanks Amy…am quite sure he watches me…and shakes his head!

  13. Touching, touching post. Last year, my dear sister-in-law passed away three days before my 41st wedding anniversary. The two are now entwined … joy and sorrow. Life. Take a look at my Sunday post … you’re in my thoughts.

    • Thank you Bud…lovely post.

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