Posted by: granny1947 | August 4, 2010

Granny’s discovery

Good Morning All.

As I came over the mountain,this morning, I noticed that the sky was pink.
I could see.
Another month and I should be able to go for early morning walks again.

I noticed something else yesterday.
Something not so nice.
We all wake up in the mornings and look like cabbage patch dolls.
For some very unfair reason this seems to apply more to women than men.
This look USUALLY fades within an hour or so.
Yesterday I went to the loo after ten.
Glanced in the mirror.
I STILL looked like a cabbage patch doll.
Has this become my permanent look?
Shoot me now.

I received an sms last night.
Inviting me to the DOOP of my latest grandchild.
Doop,apparently, means christening.
When I first read it it I thought it said DOP.
Dop means a drink.
I like the latter better.
It mentioned both names of number seven.
I didn’t even know he had a second name.
I don’t like either of them.
Poor kid.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Speak for yourself granny. ;-> I’m sure you’ll have a few dops at the doop. Shame about your grandchild’s names. Hope he likes them, even if you don’t Have an un-cabbage patch day. ;-> Hugs xx

    • good morning AD….the look is still there…sigh.

  2. Shame,yes; the name would make me want a dop too.

    • Morning Cin…you know then!

  3. Incidently; ‘dop’ is the lid of a bottle of spirits and this lid has the capacity of a ‘tot’ of liquor, so dop = tot.

    • You are such a mine of information!

  4. @Cin – makes sense!

    …and so the seasons march on, Gran. Have a dop at the doop and wish the little guy well!

    • Morning Adee….the proteas have opened on the mountain…gorgeous!

      • Photo’s pleeze. 🙂

      • Of me?Are you crazy?

  5. Jeez I thought you meant the SA cricket team (Proteas) and was wondering how they opened on the mountain!! And no I have not had a dop yet woman! It’s still morning — but tonight is Dop night – 1 of the 3 allowed….good hey? Still thinking about Napier – no call yet

    • It was their turn to bat!!!

  6. I know the look you are talking about, I just avoid mirrors! 🙂

    • Me too Supa…slipped up yesterday!

  7. Every good doop should have a dop or two as well.
    I also can’t wait until the mornings are light enough for a walk.

    • Hi Rose…unfortunately I can’t doop and dop…not when I have to drive two and a half hours back home!

  8. Hey Gogs, can’t wait to see you just now!

    And you get to meet my in laws 🙂

    Love Simon.

    • And you are nearly here…yippee!!!

  9. Granny, I have found you!!!! when I click on your name, it was bringing me to the generic wordpress site and my Mac was spitting out all kinds of warnings about phishing and the like. I ignored all that and searched around and entered your name and yes, finally.

    And I’ve had that Cabbage Patch look for years now. It takes great effort to NOT look like one of those smushy little dolls. Mainly because of my hair, but sadly for other reasons, too.

    I’m so glad to have found you!

    • Hello Joann…Welcome…so nice to be in touch now!

  10. *soothingly* Cabbage Patch dolls are kinda cute!

    Definintely signs summer is acumin in.

    Why can’t kids be sensible and give grandkids names the grandparents approve of? I also have problems with the ones selected by our dear daughters and their spouses…

    • Good Morning Col….those dolls are only cute when you don’t look like one!

  11. My Mom used to say, “Red in the morning, sailor take warning. Red at night, sailor’s delight.” I always thought it referred to the weather … but maybe it refers to the face in the mirror.

    I Googled the heck out of DOOP and found nothing to do with christening. I did find “a potion made from Datura stramonium used by robbers to pacify their prey” ( and Distributed Object-Oriented Programming ( Must be local.

    • Morning Oldereyes…doop is an Afrikaans word…very local.
      the only time my face is red is when I do something VERY silly….I am just going to stop looking in the mirror…problem solved(might be a bit difficult putting on my make-up)

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