Granny’s Moody Monday

Good Morning All.

Good heavens it is nearly afternoon.
Time flies when you are having fun.

No…your eyes are not playing tricks on you.
That is what the beach looked like yesterday.
People LOOMED out of the mist.
I don’t like people to loom.
I find it disconcerting.
I like to know I am not alone.

Ten kms away(as the crow flies) there was no mist and it was a stunning day.
You have to hand it to Cape Town…it is never boring.

The moving of my store is driving me insane.
It is going to be a HUGE undertaking.
Trying to co-ordinate the installation of computers with the move is the one problem.
Pulling down shelving and erecting it in the new store, while still maintaining the workload, is going to be a headache.
My biggest problem is going to be MY office.
You have no idea how much STUFF I have.
I always have STUFF.
You should see my handbag.

My camera kept telling me I couldn’t take these photos.
I didn’t believe it.
I think they are unusual.

I intended washing my hair this morning.
The newly cut hair.
We had no water this morning.
Have no idea why.
Managed to get enough to wet my hair.
I have an interesting hairstyle this morning.
To say the least.
Nobody has complimented me.
I wonder why?

I could waffle on some more.
Hey wake up you bunch.

Have a good day.

22 responses to “Granny’s Moody Monday”

  1. I was wondering where you’d got to this morning, granny. Those pics are very unusual. Good luck with the move and just forget the hairstyle for today. Hugs xx

  2. Shu Granny .. those are awesome pics!!!
    Post a pic of the hair and I will compliment you .. even if you didn’t send me an sms 😉 ..
    Have an awesome day 🙂

  3. LOL …
    well .. it would have worked wouldn’t it ?
    Unfortunately I don’t have a Nokia so didn’t have any sage advice to spout ..
    Hope you doing good my friend

  4. You are going to be exhausted!!! This is the worst kind of move where there is no shut down period.
    Mist on the beach – how awesome! Maybe you could get lost in it until after the move?? Just a thought!

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