Posted by: granny1947 | August 1, 2010

Granny’s misty Sunday

And a misty good morning to all of you.

Jasmine is watching my every move with great interest.
She is dying to go for a walk.
She will have to just wait.
For one thing the mist is so thick we could get lost down on the beach.
And I wouldn’t be able to take pictures.
Can’t walk without my camera.
Just doesn’t feel right.

So I had my hair cut.
I don’t want to talk about it.

After the haircut(which we aren’t going to talk about) I met my DIL and we went to look at a house she is quite keen on buying.
A nice house.
The lounge and dining room area is very nice and the kitchen is to die for.
It has three bedrooms and a fourth room that is such a strange shape I don’t know what one would use it for.
Off the main bedroom there is a little study.
How I would love a study of my own.

There are a couple of anomalies,though.
There is NO bath.
Now this would not worry me too much as I only shower but I sort of like the idea of having a bath available.
One might want to soak a curtain or three.
Or have a romantic bath with scented candles and a glass of wine.
Perish the thought.

Also the house is BRIGHT orange.
All the bloggers who have met me know I drive a bright yellow Noddy car.
I love bright cheerful colours.
But orange?
I am not sure of this.
Anyway, she has put in an offer for much less than the guy wants so we will see.

I didn’t win the lottery last night.
No new house for me.

I guess I should now get dressed.
There is a lot of dust waiting to do battle with me.
And a bathroom to be cleaned.
And dog poop to be picked up.
Hmmmmmmm….don’t like any of the above options.
Maybe I should just go back to bed with my book?

Have a great day all.


  1. Those options don’t sound very inviting granny. An orange house with no bath??? I fully understand about the haircut. I keep away from the hackers of hair for as long as possible. Enjoy your day, whatever you decide to do or not do. Hugs to you. xx

  2. Maybe the funny shaped room could be turned into a really nice bathroom with corners for planters, etc. But orange? Inside, outside, both? Interesting though… Hair has to settle. At least that’s what I keep telling myself, lol!

    • Morning Adee…yellow bedroom…blue bedroom…colourful owner!

  3. Orange? She can always paint it.
    Doesn’t have a granny flat … mmm…

    • Morning cindy…no grannyflat….probably just as well…don’t know about living so close to grandkids!

  4. As I study the Science of Medical Intuition, we delve deeply into the Chakras. Part of that study is realizing the effect of color on our different chakras. In this case, Orange zeros in on the Second Chakra which represents relationships, sexuality and creativity. Did the owner look like he was getting some good hot sex? Hmmm…no bathtub may mean no creativity in the right places… Gads, Granny, have you ever thought of being a sex counselor on the side??!! Or where ever for that matter!

    • Good Morning Souldipper….er…uhm….why??????

      • Egads, Granny, sorry for the confusion. That’s probably the kind of humour that is best shared in the field of Chakra healing!

        Orange – sexuality – no tub for fun… all adds up to the possibility that the owner may need some help in sex relations…

      • Gotcha Souldipper…was teasing you!!!!

  5. interesting…

    • Thank you for the visit Jingle.

  6. Nothing a lick of paint won’t fix! I hope she gets it. I have to have my nightly soak in the bath with my book.

    • Morning Supa…I get bored in the bath…what can I say?

  7. I have a little red “mussie” on today. I reckon I’d pass for Big-ears if in your car.

    • Morning Robin…big ears…not Noddy?


    awards are fun, u win the celebrate blogger of June in short stories honorable mention award, plus 4 friendship awards, the only cin voted for you.
    viola lost her husband,
    I lost a general friend,
    all together,
    please visit and give love to them…

    • Thank you…will pop over to see.

  9. I miss being able to have a bath with the water restrictions we have here 😦

  10. If only dogs could be toilet-trained or do their own de-pooping. Imagine scooping up after seven of them!

    • Thank you Col…that is one image I could do without!

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