Posted by: granny1947 | July 30, 2010

Granny Friday post.

Good Afternoon All.
I have been a very busy Granny this morning.
Doing stuff I get paid to do.
Why can’t we get paid for blogging?
That would be such fun.

The Cape Doctor has finally died.
For the moment,anyway.
Jasmine was such a happy dog.
She really battled not to bark in my ear.
The threat that I was going to wring her neck, if she did, seemed to work.

Ok…a bit later.
I have just come back from the shopping centre.
Someone came to tell me there was water dripping under my car.
I went out.
Worried sick.
I contemplated lifting the bonnet.
Then thought…this is going to help how?
Called on someone who knows cars.
Gave him my keys and instructed him to come back with good news.
The attendant who checked my water and oil before the trip on Saturday over filled the car.
Am sure another batch of grey hair popped out of my skull.

Got some more good news today.
I know…sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
We might not be shutting down for our holidays on the 15th of December.
They might be getting us to work until the 24th of December.
We will only be paid that day too.
If any of my family are reading this post….there will be no Xmas pressies this year.
There will be just no time or money to go shopping.
On the upside I might,with a little luck, have some money for the January sales.
Think I will just postpone Xmas until early January.
Also on the upside we will be on holiday when all the visitors have left.
What a pleasure.

I am going for a, much needed, haircut after work.
I can’t wait.
I look like a poodle that has been in a scrap with a German Shepherd.
If you are all good bloggers I might just post a picture.


  1. Glad nothing’s wrong with your car.
    I’ve decided to grow my hair, I think a bun is in order now.

    • Cindy in a bun????
      Nope…I just can’t wrap mind around that image!

  2. Hello Gogs. So lovely chatting to you last night. Best they give you a fucking Christmas bonus. Love Simon. See you Wed.

    • Hi Simon.
      Wash your mouth out with soap!!!
      Looking forward to Wednesday!

  3. Hi Granny. I also wish I could get paid for blogging. That’s a great action pic of Jasmine. Hope you like your haircut. I always hate mine when I’ve been to the barber. Hugs and have a great weekend. xx

    • Hello AD….I hate changing hairdressers and today I am going to a new one…scared out of my mind.
      You go to a barber?

  4. Asked my daughter to give me a lift to my barber tomorrow (they don’t make steps in your hair!) and she has made an appointment with her hairdresser! My hair is fine and STRAIGHT – hairdressers say I have Chinese hair! – Hold thumbs for me!

    • My guru tells me my hair is also like the Chinese, but it’s thick and dead straight, and nothing but nothing curls it 😦

    • Oy Adee…I feel for you….good luck!

  5. I wish I could send my hair guru to you. I was asked for his name and number today whilst at the H&G show.

    • Hello HP….My hair looked ok yesterday but I look like a porcupine now!

  6. Right, so I’m kinda caught up. How’s the hair? And glad your car is ok! Did grandson get in to the school? Holding thumbs.
    Have a wonderful weekend and my best to Jasmine :).
    Much love doll xxx

    • Hi Dinx…Nope they turned him down!!!

      • Oh, no! I didn’t think they were allowed to. Is that the school for your area?

      • Morning Adee….it is the nearest white school….there is a school in the coloured area but he would be the only white kid and drugs are rife in that area.I know therer is no such thing as areas anymore but they DO exist.

  7. Did a quick catch up with brownieboy reading and guffawing over my shoulder…see?? You make us both laugh. So sorry to read above about the school 😦 Oi vey!! So how did the visit to the new hair dresser go? Im sure you look spiffy…hugs and loads of love to you granny xx

    • Thanks Brownie….yes…am very angry with the school….don’t want to take a chance with their perfect stats….even though we are prepared to send him for extra lessons to catch up…then the head turns around and says we must get him into school as soon as possible!!!!

  8. I gather, though, that the post-haircut scene was not to your satisfaction?

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