Posted by: granny1947 | July 28, 2010

Granny’s Windy Wednesday

Good Morning All.
Have just realised that the subject line could be taken two ways.
No…I do not have any flatulence problems this morning.
The Cape Doctor is howling.
The pics are still from the weekend.
We have not walked for two days.
I draw the line at having my legs sandblasted while walking.
Jasmine is not a happy girl.

I have just been up to see how my new store is progressing.
It is looking good.
For the first time in over ten years I will have a window.
I will be able to see my precious mountains.
And the sun.
And the rain.
On the downside there are all windows on the wall into the production area.
It will be like working in a fishbowl.
I will have to stop my pole dancing!

Now I have a mountain of work to do.
You lot go off and have a lovely day.
While I work.


  1. The last ‘proper’ job I had – no windows for 4 years, then had A Window for a month before being retrenched! Being able to see the weather is important to me too.

    • Gosh Adee…hope it does not mean I am going to be retrenched!

  2. Pole dancing and flatulence in one post … disturbing imagery.
    Have a nice day Hon.

    • Bhwahahaha!

      Granny, pole dancing, flatulence! – go figure!

      • Hello Douglas…don’t tell anyone but we had bean soup for supper.

    • Now I have that image…thank you Cindy.

  3. As long as you aren’t expected to clean all those windows!
    Take care, Granny.

    • It’s in my contract MM…no windows!
      Have sent you an e-mail.

  4. Suddenly I’m grateful for my window that looks onto rooftops, I would hate not to be able to see out.

    • I have got used to it Supa but it will be nice to see the world again.

  5. PS Don’t forget to vote for me in the Verlaque competition – thanks

    • Will put it on my phone to remind me tonight Supa.

  6. LOL @ you pole dancing Granny. Nice to have a view whilst you work or drink coffee. Have a great day. Hugs xx

    • Oy AD….you know me too well…you had to add the coffee!

  7. Lol, I didn’t have any images until after you explained yourself!
    I’m also counting the days until I have a view again 🙂

    • Morning HP…Actually I quite enjoy being down in the basement…I can stay under the radar!

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