Posted by: granny1947 | July 25, 2010

Sunday Granny

Good Morning All.

The internet is quiet today.
Other people have lives!

This going to be a short post.
There is a nap attack waiting to happen here.

I see Mandela’s grandson is bringing the Mandela name into disrepute.
This just proves it.
You can choose your friends but you are stuck with your family.
Makes ME feel a hell of a lot better.

A brief weather commentary.
Cape Town is glorious today.
The beach was awesome.
For some strange reason not too many people.

Have vacuumed.
Steam cleaned all the tiled floors.
Washed down some walls.
Done a load of washing.
This just reinforces my belief.
Housework SUCKS!!!!

I have earned my nap.
You lot go on and enjoy your day.


  1. *sigh* if having a life means spring cleaning the house and doing laundry and ironing all day, then yes, I have one too!

    • Come on HP…The giant rat takes you out…often!

  2. Ditto. Except my daughter came to visit and brought my groceries. Not long to go now until I’m mobile again (I hope)! I would never have managed without my two children!

    • Hi Adee….so glad you are almost recovered….good for your kids.

  3. Hi granny. Your house sounds super clean now after your efforts. My working day is Monday. i also read about Mandela’s grandson and Zuma’s nephew. Seems like they’re all fighting to get to the trough. Not a pretty sight! Enjoy your evening. Hugs xx

    • Afternoon Ad…reading and sleeping….I have no problem with either!

  4. hope you enjoyed the nap

    • Hi Sidey…naps and me…we go together.

  5. I also had a nap, for six hours.
    Could have been dead, none of my family came to see if I was alive.

    • Maybe they were scared to wake you…I am VERY grumpy after a nap!

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