Posted by: granny1947 | July 24, 2010

Granny’s Day Trip

So…we did the trip.
16 year old had a rotten cold.
Sniffed,sneezed and blew her nose the whole way.
Watch this space.
If I don’t come down with a cold it will prove I have a marvellous immune system.

It took us two and half hours with a stop.
Meat pies and orange juice.
For the vitamin C.

I took thirty pics of number seven.
When I didn’t have the camera he smiled and smiled and smiled.
The minute I picked up the camera he stopped.
I eventually managed to get three pics of him smiling.
I didn’t take any pics of sheep.
Though I DID see a lot of them.
Did take a couple of the countryside.
Everything so green and beautiful.

Read the 17 year old the riot act on the way back.
As grannies can.
He admittted he has screwed up.
Our biggest problem is getting him into a school for the rest of the year.
His old school says they can’t take him because his marks  have dropped.
Can they DO that?

My elder daughter is looking incredible.
Don’t you just hate people like that?
They have a baby and go back to normal immediately.
I had a ten pound baby and only lost nine pounds giving birth.
Explain that to me!

So you lot…have a wonderful weekend.
That is an order.


  1. your latest looks like a real cuite pie

    • Thanks Sidey…very sweet…looks a lot like his Dad but we can’t all be perfect!

  2. Number 7 is really getting big now, such a sweetie 🙂
    How long was the 17 year old away from school for? Refusing to take him back doesn’t make much sense to me.
    Have a great evening 🙂

    • Hello HP….he has been at a private school for about a year.

  3. Gorgeous little chap granny. Glad you enjoyed the trip and I bet 17 year old was glad when the return trip ended. Hope that cold doesn’t develop. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…think he was VERY relieved though he does admit he has made some bad choices!

  4. Aaaaaw what a gorgeous boy!! So I did a catch up and it answered a few of my questions in my sms I sent earlier. How can a school refuse to take a kid because of marks? Surely not……give them the granny in a mood treatment!! Have loved doing a catch up. Your photos are so lovely granny. The winter colours are just stunning! Glad to hear dad is improving and that the C has been ruled out. Love you sweet granny. See you soon I hope. xxx

    • I love you too my friend..yes…hope to see you SOON!

  5. Call their bluff, Gran. On the other hand, better use charm; you don’t want it to backfire. It sure doesn’t sound like a legit reason to me. Good luck.

    And don’t talk to me about colds!

    • Ok…Adee…we won’t talk about colds…oops…we just did!

      • Charm??????

      • UHM….no!

  6. Now why have you got TWO teenagers to look after?Did I miss something?The baby is very cute.

    • Oh hell no BB…the 16 year old just came for the ride.

  7. At least he admits he messed up.
    That baby gets cuter by the day.
    Hope you don’t get a cold.

    • Hi Cindy…no sign of a cold yet…hold thumbs.

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