Posted by: granny1947 | July 23, 2010

Prickly Granny

Good Morning All.

I think I should put a notice on my office door.
Enter here at your own risk.
Do NOT mess with this Granny today.

Have no idea why I am in such a bad mood.
Maybe because I never went for a walk last night.
Maybe because I am hungry.
Maybe because I,desperately, need a haircut.
Maybe all of the above.
Maybe none of the above.
Maybe I am just a difficult, mean old lady.

One of my staff went to the dentist yesterday.
Never came back to work.
Never phoned in.
You have tooth pulled out and you can’t come into work?
I am not amused.
Shit…I am really doing a queen Vic today.

I have a huge pile of horrible work to do today.
Ahhhh….THAT might explain my mood.
Nope that is not it.

I have to be on the road for five hours tomorrow.
Fetching 17 year old grandson.
On the upside I will get to cuddle number seven.
Even if I have to wake him up to do it.
I am a granny.
I can do things like that.
Revenge is so sweet.

Also on the upside I will take some different pictures.
The countryside up that way is very beautiful.
Lots of sheep.
Might take some pictures of them.
16 year old granddaughter is coming with me.
I will need earplugs.
Lynda can I borrow your new toy?
The Ipod thingy.
Not any other toys you might have acquired.
And are keeping quiet about.

Now let me work.
After I have had another cup of coffee.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. The arum lilies in Cape Town at this time of year are something I am missing a lot (R80 for four stems here!)
    Has Lyndatjie been shopping at the Barney store again???
    Drive safely tomorrow Love.

    • Morning Cindy…ouch…that is expensive.
      The Barney Store?
      What am I missing here?

      • LOL … *whispers* THAT’S where Lyndatjie buys all the “other” toys, like the one she sent to Blondie!

      • Ahhhhhhh….wondered why she is being so quiet!

      • Teehee…I first thought hubby had done some shopping at the Barney Store when he sent my ‘package’ and told me batteries were included!

      • I gathered as much….the Frog is still very quiet!

  2. Sounds as if you were at the dentist for denture fitting!
    It’s FRIDAY!

    • Good Morning Douglas…I NEED dentures!!!!

  3. Cheer up, Gran. Hope your day improves! 😀

    • Thanks Adee…it hasn’t ….YET!

  4. Good morning Granny. I bet you’re really scary when in a bad mood. Hope your weeknd is quieter than you imagine it’s going to be. Enjoy the sheep and the flowers anyway. Hugs xx

    • Good Morning AD….sheep will be better company than this place today!

  5. Hope you have a great weekend, Granny … enjoy number 7!

    • Thanks Justme…expect photos…lots of them!

      • YAY *whispers* get the mother to take the hat off before you go bos!

      • Don’t worry JustMe…will take the thing off myself!

  6. Aah, granny – enjoy the baba!

  7. Good morning Granny — sounds like you’ve got the Friday blues. The drive tomorrow sounds nice, though, looking forward to your pictures. Have a good weekend.


    • Hello K….I promise…there will be loads of pics…sheep and kids!

  8. I hope your day improved; but if it didn’t cuddling #7 will make up for it!
    Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures 🙂

    • Hi HP…it did not improve noticeably…looking forward to seeing the little one.

  9. Eek, I see you are still not in a great mood.
    Hope the pretty drive and cuddles from No7 makes things better, Granny.
    Drive safely.

    • Thank you Hopalong….hope your leg is better soon too…seems to have slowed down the fingers!

  10. Hi hope you are enjoying the weekend.

    • Hello Supa…tired now….not used to driving for so long…poor Jasmine has not had her walk.

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