Posted by: granny1947 | July 22, 2010

Granny’s Thursday Thoughts

Good Morning all.

The beach was awesome last evening.
There must have been over a hundred people walking.
This doesn’t mean it was crowded.
It is a huge beach.
People were walking in shorts and t.shirts.
A couple of intrepid/stupid folk were even swimming.
Oh good heavens.
I am doing it again.
I am a glorified weather commentator.

There is good news.
They did a colonoscopy on Dad yesterday.
They have not given him the results yet but they seem to have ruled out cancer.
This is a huge relief.
The bleeding has almost stopped and they have taken him off the drip.
His bloodpressure has come up nicely.
All good stuff.

I dreamt about my first husband last night.
In the dream he gave me a R500 rand note.
Even in my dreams he is a chancer.
We don’t HAVE R500 rand notes.

Our IT department has blocked us from going onto the lottery site.
It is considered a gambling site.
Are they nuts?
It is donating to charity.
Or….if it is rigged…as I suspect…filling the pockets of some criminals.

Damn….I have to go to an unexpected meeting.

Have a great day all.


  1. *Puts feet in front of heater and grumbles about bragging grannies*

    • What can I say Cindy? I live in the most beautiful part of the world!

  2. Glad your dad’s diagnosis is not serious. I went for a few hours to Fish Hoek beach yesterday afternoon. Was glorious! R500 note – LOL!!! Have a great day Granny.

    • Thanks 40…another lovely day today…sorry Cindy….you have a great day too.

      • hmphff!

      • Jealousy makes you ugly Cin!

  3. Glad things are looking good for your dad!!

    *hands Granny a celebratory drink*

    Bummer about the Lotto site!

    • Thanks JustMe…I keep going up to IT and ask them to get the results for me….they are going to be so sick of me they will reinstate it soon!!!

  4. Someone told me ON Saturday that the lottery is rigged. I refuse to believe it.

    Glad your dad is on the mend.

    • Hi Baglady…I believe it….it is won too often to be legitimate.

  5. Good news about your dad! Wonder if the swimmers were Vaalies on holiday? Take care.

    • I don’t know Adee…we have our fair share of crazies down here!

  6. Good morning Granny. You do indeed live in a beautiful part of the country. Glad the news about your Dad is promising. Hugs xx

  7. Good news about your dad, and I have to admit, agree with you about the most beautiful beach 😉
    Have a good one

    • Thanks napier…you too love.

  8. Great news about your Dad.
    Hehe, you could have played the lotto with that R500 note!
    Enjoy the beach tonight 🙂

    • Howling gale last night…no walkies…have a super day HP.

  9. It is rigged, I never won a cent. Post done, just for you.

    • Thanks Nocomment…I went on and read your post and then explorer froze…fear not…I shall return!

  10. That beach looks stunning! Glad to hear the good news about your Dad.

    • Hi Wolf…thank you…have a super weekend.

  11. A stunning photo! Our temp got to 25 degrees today — we were wearing shorts and tees, too! Sadly, no swimming — Tim and I worked on the rock slope all day. It is looking pretty damned good if I say so myself. Glad about the news about your Dad — will keep sending happy thoughts your way.


    • Morning K….that is a good temperature but are you in the middle of winter??????
      Your garden looks lovely…glad I don’t have to do all that work,though.
      Dad might even go home this weekend.
      Such relief.

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