Posted by: granny1947 | July 21, 2010

Humourless Granny

Good Morning all.

I was missing in action.
Just didn’t having the blogging urge.
Actually, I didn’t have any kind of urge.

When problems hit they seem to multiply.
At an alarming rate.
Discovered my 17 year old grandson was not attending school.
Frantic discussions and phone calls ensued.
I am fetching him on Saturday.
We are trying to get him in at the nearest school to us.
There could be problems as it is the middle of the year.
My DIL and younger son are going to help me with the school fees.
Bless them both.
Anyway it is a big mess.

On the upside.
Well, I THINK it is an upside.
Elder daughter is getting married on the 21st of August.
She is the mother of the 17 year old.
Also the mother of number seven.
Also the one I had to bail out with the rent.
Apparently, the church is paying for the wedding and the reception.
Think I should start going to church.

Younger daughter will not attend.
Because the family will be there.
I think that the years of drug abuse have stunted her emotionally.
I,actually, don’t want to see her.
Is that a terrible thing for a mother to say?
I love her.
That is a given.
BUT…I don’t like her.

So now you can see why I didn’t post yesterday.
I shouldn’t have posted today.
However, the sense of humour will return.


A group of kindergartners were trying very hard to become accustomed
to the first grade.

The biggest hurdle they faced was that the teacher insisted on NO baby
talk! You need to use 'Big People words,' she was always reminding

She asked John what he had done over the weekend?
'I went to visit my Nana'.
No, you went to visit your GRANDMOTHER. Use 'Big People words!'

She then asked Mitchell what he had done
'I took a ride on a choo-choo'.
She said. 'No, you took a ride on a TRAIN. You must remember to use
'Big People' words'.

She then asked little Alex what he had done?
'I read a book,' he replied.
That's WONDERFUL!' the teacher said.
'What book did you read?'

( I love this...)

Alex thought real hard about it, then puffed out his chest with great
pride, and said,
'Winnie the SHIT'


  1. Gee, when the problems start they never seem to end… Why don’t they come singly – I wish I knew! Take care, Gran.

    • Misery loves company Adee!

  2. Wish I was there to give you a hug.

    I can’t read the bottom thing, my eyes are giving in to my age.

    • Damn Cindy…wish you were here too.

  3. LOL!!! I love your joke!!!

    You should not have too much trouble getting the school thing sorted. They are normally more accommodating in the middle of the year for some strange reason.

    Little Madam has to do an oral on Old Wives Tales (NO, I’m not saying you are OLD!) – please HELP, she only has to say a few and I promised I would ask my internet friends for her!

    • Hi JustMe.
      If you eat carrots you will have good eyesight.
      A stitch in time saves nine.
      If you keep doing that you will go blind!

      • LOL 😉

      • What if you eat loads of carrots?

      • Hahaha JustMe…the thought crossed my mind!

  4. Oh no, Granny. So sorry you have to be the one to sort out this mess. I do wish you get a break someday soon.
    Beeeeeg hugs.

    • Thanks Madmom….back at you!

  5. you don’t have to like your family 🙂

    • Good…..because I really don’t like a couple of them at the moment.

  6. And so more problems come your way. You must have broad shoulders granny. Hope it all works out. Old wives tale, “Sneeze once for a kiss, two for a wish, three for a letter, four for something better.” Have a good day. Hugs xx

    • No AD….I would be so bored if there were no problems…NOT!

  7. At the moment I feel the same way about The Troll, I don’t like her very much at the moment.
    Love the joke.

    • SUPA!!! I’m gonna tell Madmom what you are saying about the Troll!

      • ShhhhhhhhhhhhJustMe…don’t want things getting ugly around here!

    • Oh Dear Supa….I feel for you.

  8. Unfortunately we cannot choose our family – that’s why we have friends… Love the bottom story. Have a lovely day Granny. Big hugs for you .

    • Hi Steph…friends are the best!

  9. It must have been the story about Madiba’s ex. lol.
    Hang in there, things will get beter.

  10. I really think you need a holiday in Jhb so we can spoil you for a while.The people in CT don’t appreciate you enough….

    • Hi BB…now wouldn’t that be great?

  11. Oh dear – it never seems to end. You have a right to feel rather miffed – when one reaches a certain stage in life one should be entitled to sit back and be looked after!

    • Hi Col…I wonder if I brought the wrong kids home from the hospital!

  12. love you and hope all this ends! and granny, I am also not crazy about some of my family.

    • Hehehe Napier…friends are MUCH better.
      Have you packed yet?

      • no love, M is over in the UK already, and I will leave on the 5th. One of us has got to work;)

      • I know Napier…thought you might be so excited you had already packed!

  13. Gogo I am going to email you. It is time for a visit. Mike would love to see you again and his mom is out too. How does a dinner sound?

    • That sounds great Simon…when?

  14. Shouldn’t that be “Winnie the Shit-a hits the fan-a”

    • Morning NA…on top form I see!

  15. Good morning Granny — your humour shone through in the end! Sometimes the only way to keep going is to laugh — I think you deserve an award for all the ‘pooh’ you’ve had to put up with lately. I will try to do the link thing — though god help me I hope I don’t screw it up!

    • Morning Klrs…when the humour goes just bury me!

  16. Ai, Granny. What next 😦
    I wish I could sort things out for you.

    • Morning HP…thanks for the joke…a good start to my morning!

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