Posted by: granny1947 | July 19, 2010

Granny’s Monday Meanderings.

Good Morning All.
The owner of those two mutts has gone surfing.
They are NOT happy about it.

On the way back from my walk I sat on the dunes and watched the most incredible sunset.
Cape Town in winter can be awesome.
It can also be very crappy.

I had a chat to my Dad last night.
Told him I am worried about his sanity.
Think he should go home.
My mother phoned him.
Made him say hello to the CAT!
He said he wasn’t keen but she was very insistent.
My mother is convinced her Siamese cat can talk.
Of course…this is utter rubbish.
I have the only talking cat.

Dad’s platelet count has dropped again so they are giving him more blood.
The bloodpressure has improved,though.
He sounds pretty upbeat.
But he would…he is that sort of person.
He tells me has asked people not to visit.
Doesn’t want them to see him hooked up to two drips.
Now..there he and I differ.
I would want everyone to visit.
Bring me nice things.
I would make the most of the situation.
Use it to send my kids on huge guilt trips.
Nope…that wouldn’t work.
Not with MY kids!

Now I need coffee so you lot go out and have a fabulous day.



  1. It is so nice to hear your dad has improved. Have they diagnosed the problem yet? Take care, Gran.

    • Morning Adee…no they can’t do any tests until they have his platelet count right…very worrying.

  2. What adee asked, do they know yet?
    Have a good day, I’m off to mop up coin-sized pee puddles.

    • Morning Cindy…you having bladder problems????

  3. I’m with your dad there. Don’t want people seeing me when I don’t feel my best. Vanity! Hope he improves soon. have a good day granny. Hugs xx

    • Thanks AD…you too love.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad…is that why you have been so quiet…love & hugs xxx

    • Have had a week from hell with counselling and phoning the hospital and my Mom etc.

  5. Oh dear, I hope your Dad gets better soon, Granny.
    Take care and have a good week.

    • Thank you so much Madmom….are you ok?????
      Rating the butt buddy was SO strange!

  6. I’m like your dad in a way – I hate having people around me when I’m sick. I hope his platelet count increases soon. I understand just how everyone must be worrying themselves.

    *sigh* And here I thought I had the only talking cat!

    • Ok, ok…we ALL have talking cats!!!!

  7. Can your talking cat tutor my cats? All my felines do is yap and yowl and I think my husband would want to kill them less if they could just actually speak.

    • I think it is just as well we don’t understand what the cats are saying…am sure mine swears like a trouper!

  8. Oh sausage! Sorry that you are going through that on top of everything else!
    But I do think that him talking to the cat would have made him feel better… after all – everybody knows that cats are the best listeners… *sagely nods head*
    Sometimes we are the tree and sometimes we are the dog… nest pas?

    • Oh Lynda…you don’t know how this day is ending…totally crap….the walls are closing in…will blog tomorrow…maybe!

      • Oh no… this doesn’t sound good…… I am here if you want to talk Kathy….

      • Thank you my friend.

  9. Hello Granny! It’s been awhile. Sorry to hear about your father — I hope things keep improving. You certainly have had a rough time lately. Good to see you’re still posting such lovely photo’s (even the one of the Rotty’s). They are beautiful dogs, though somewhat menacing — I guess that’s the point.

    I saw your message and I can’t say thank you enough! Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a dimwit and don’t know how to link to anyone’s blog. Can you help? It’s not too late is it for me to accept?

    take care,

    • Oh my word K…you are asking ME!!!!
      I went into my links and copied them onto a word document…then took the ones I didn’t want out and copied and pasted them back to my post….no it is not too late…love the concept….I have found some lovely posts through that award.
      Will come over later to hear all about your trip.
      Big hug.

  10. those mutts waiting are just too cute…
    Hope you are well and your dad gets better.
    lots of love

    • Morning My Friend…aren’t they lovely…just had to capture the moment.

  11. *tap tap*

    • Morning Frog…will attempt something today…don’t feel very funny….still LOOK funny!

  12. I once spent a month in the hospital. Sometimes I had a drip, sometimes I didn’t. I personally didn’t care if I had 20 tubes stuck in various places on my body – I wanted visitors. And treats. It made me feel better to see people other than doctors and nurses.
    Hope your dad feels better soon. I think it’s adorable that both you and your mom have vocal felines. Must be a genetic thing.

    • Morning Amy….a month is pushing it a bit but I agree…love getting treats and attention.
      A genetic thing? Oops….don’t want to be like my Mom…will have to watch myself!

  13. Hi there,I’ve been away and trying to catch up with blogs and everything! Sorry to hear that your Dad is ill on top of all your other problems.Thinking of you.

    • Hello BB…where have you been?

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