Posted by: granny1947 | July 18, 2010

Granny and the Rottweilers.


Good Morning All.

It is a glorious Cape Town winter day here in the deep south.
Not a breath of wind.
Will be heading for the beach shortly.

Am battling to insert pics again.
Hopefully I will get it right or my subject line will make no sense whatsoever.

I was just preparing to have a nap,yesterday, when my younger son phoned.
He had been out deep sea fishing.
Wanted to know if I wanted a fresh Snoek.
For nothing.
Is the pope catholic?

We arranged to meet at his friend’s house.
I got there early.
The above pic(if I can insert it) is what met me.

Ok…we have a pic.
Now I don’t know about you lot but when this guy says he never locks his house…I believe him.
NOTHING would induce me to step onto his property if he wasn’t there.
Hell…I don’t like going into his garden when he IS there.
I was sniffed, stood on and even jumped on.
All the while trying to look completely unconcerned.
They could smell Jasmine.
It crossed my mind they might think I WAS Jasmine.

I love most dogs but I have reservations about Rottweilers.
Many years ago I was given a beautiful specimen.
She belonged to two young gay guys.
They said that,as they were at work all day, she wasn’t getting enough attention.
Well, that was their story.

It used to take the combined efforts of the whole family for me to get onto my property after work.
One to open the gate.
One to open the garage door.
One to hang onto the dog.
Otherwise she took several layers of paint off my car.

Eventually I conceded she was just too powerful for me.
I found a new home for her.
People who had large grounds.
People who said they had always had Rottweilers.
Two days later they phoned to say she had bitten off their cat’s head in front of their kids.
Would I take her back?
I said NO!
Fortunately they found another home for her.

I will stick to my adorable pavement special.

Have a peaceful Sunday everyone.


  1. I also don’t much like them, but they are the most adorable puppies, like little bears.

    *remembers the snoek in the freezer*

    Have a nice day hon.

    • Yes Cindy…don’t forget the snoek!!!

  2. I’m somewhat afraid of other people’s dogs, even friendly looking ones, but I’m sure Jasmine wouldn’t intimidate me. ;-> Hugs to you and have a lovely Sunday. xx

    • Jasmine couldn’t intimidate anyone AD…not a mean bone in her body!

  3. @ Cindy – they are the nicest little pups in the world but they have to be raised to know who’s the boss in no uncertain terms, as with most guard/working dogs. Love them when they are well brought up!

    • I agree Adee…sweet dogs but they can’t change owners!

  4. My business partner has always had LARGE dogs … in the past ten years, there have been three Rotties. His first two were wonderful affectionate dogs that I loved. His last was a male pup he named Coach (after “What now, Coach?”) that grew up to be an alpha and a one man dog that once snapped at me. Even when my partner was around, I’d notice Coach watching me. I imagined him thinking, “I can’t get you now, but wait until we’re alone.” I never allowed that to happen.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • Good Morning Bud…I am not scared of most dogs…even big ones…but those four/five are a different story…I worry about the pack thing…also…they have no damn tails….you can’t judge their mood!!!

  5. You are brave!! Not a thing even if free would have got me in those gates sans owner or not!

    • I was NOT happy about going in!!!

  6. Friends of ours had a Rottie/German Shepherd cross who was literally the biggest, sweetest teddy bear that I had met. Standing on all 4 paws, his head was the same height as my neck.

    And then we had people living up the road who’s Rottie was always in the street, and if not, would ignore you one day and go totally berserk the next. He jumped their gate one day and went for me, and if it wasn’t for their opposite neighbour who leapt over his wall and tazered the dog, I don’t want to think what the outcome would have been. It was soon after that the Animal nuisance unit was there to remove him.

    • Hello HP….an untrained Rottweiler is one dangerous animal….one of the reasons I got rid of mine.

  7. While Rotts are very strong and fierce looking and inspire fear…my sister had a full blood Rott she shelled out good money for and it supposedly came from a pure bloodline. Well, that dog was dumb as dirt. He was huge, but didn’t grasp this,so he’d go under the kitchen chairs…and then the chair would get stuck on his haunches and he’d be running through the house wearing a chair. This dog also put several holes in the wall with his head because he came running and couldn’t slow down.
    Embrace your Jasmine, she looks beautiful and sounds smart as a whip. After my experience with the Rottweiller, I think I’d rather just dress my husband up in a dog suit than own one of those things. At least hubby-dog would already be housebroken. 😉

    • Hello Morgue….the mental picture of your hubby in a dog suit is just what I eed tonight.

  8. Popped in to say Hi and I see you haven’t posted since Monday, hope all is ok? Kitty isn’t fierce at all, she’d propably lick intruders to death!

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