Posted by: granny1947 | July 15, 2010

Granny’s Thursday.

Good Morning All.

The picture is from Tuesday evening.
No walk last night.
Too cold and wet.
Damn dog actually looked at me ,hopefully, as I was getting dressed this morning.

Have just phoned my Stepdad.
No reply.
I wonder if he has gone for his colonoscopy?
Or he couldn’t find his phone.
Or he was sleeping.
And I woke him up.
I will try again after I have had my caffiene boost.

Three arseholes overtook me, at great speed, on the mountain this morning.
When we came off the mountain we get to a traffic light where I turn left.
I was ahead of them all.
Pity I am such a sweet old lady.
I would love to have given them the finger.

Today my soulful singer is in for a nasty surprise.
Am going to give her a warning letter.
Not about the singing.
About her general behaviour.
Some people just don’t learn.
Don’t mess with the elderly.
We can be MEAN.

She is singing again now.
One of my guys has just turned on his radio full blast.
They have to sit much nearer to her.

Right you lot.
Am off for coffee.
Then to compose my letter.
And then,maybe, I can do some work.
Have a great day!



  1. Hope you get good news soon re your dad.

    Re the voice artiste – she will hear herself differently on a tape, I should know from persnal experience, lol. 😀

    • Morning Adee…if i had to hear MY voice on a recording I think I would have a permanent blush!

  2. I’m thinking of you with all my might today, hope there’s good news about your stepdad.

    As for Mrs Pavarotti, give it to her full blast, maybe she’ll start concentrating on looking for another job instead of singing.

    Love you!

    • Thank you love…as for Mrs.Pavarotti….I think she is married to the guy who messed up our national anthem a while back!
      Love you too.

      • LOL – is she a Rastafarian too?

      • Hehehe justme…that would,at least, make her more interesting!

  3. Sweet old lady my a***! Bet it was just too cold to stick your finger out of the window so that they could see it!

    Hope everything goes well with your stepdad.

    • Douglas!!!!
      Who told you about me?
      It is all lies.
      Thank you so much…must try and phone again just now.

  4. I hate not being able to get hold of people … esp when they are sick!

    Hope you have a great day!

    PS: Don’t listen to that Douglas … you are VERY sweet 😛

    • Thanks Justme….Actually, being sweet has never been one of my strong points!

      • Bhwahahaha! @ Granny.
        Actually it was JustMe who told me all about you!

      • Douglas…did you know Justme keeps a hipflask…you need to take anything she says with a sip of rye!!!

      • Granny! Douglas wouldn’t know sweet even if was an ingredient in a roll dough recipe!!!

        *downs vase of Merlot*

      • Pass the vase over Justme….I NEED some right now!

      • *hands granny a vase*


      • tHANKS JUSTME…HIC!!!!

      • Oops…I have had too much…sorry about caplocks…not shouting at you.

      • I know you would never shout at me Granny 😀

        *passes granny another vase*

      • Hi Justme…that second vase helped!!!

  5. Hope your dad recovers. Good luck with the singing lady.

    • Hello Baglady…thank you so much for the visit…thank you so much for the good wishes.

  6. Granny a friend of mine always says she wants to give the taxis the finger but has learnt to bless them instead.

    Damn cold here today – I think we are getting your Tuesday night weather.

    • good for your friend Misfit…I am not nearly so nice!

  7. Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope he recovers swiftyl. I have a woman at work that irritates me so much I want to punch her!

    • Hi Supa…isn’t it awful that someone can bring out such violent feelings in one?
      Give puppycat a big hug from me please.

  8. Hi Granny,
    am here too now,
    thinking of you and at the moment

    • Welcome Mallrat…..hope you will be very happy here…I am.
      Will pop over to visit now.

  9. Only good wishes to your stepdad Granny. Love that pic. Hugs xx

    • Thanks AD…really appreciate the thoughts.

  10. I hope you’ve had some good news by now?

    The finger is a universally accepted gesture of goodwill to unruly motorists. Take my word for it!

    • Hi HP…they were still trying to get his blood level right today….will be phoning again just now.

  11. Oops! no pop idol for her then?

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