Posted by: granny1947 | July 15, 2010

Brave/stoopid Granny

Good Evening All.

OK….so will someone please explain why everything is coming out red and crossed out?

I tried(hey it is back to normal) to cross out brave in the subject and it didn’t work.

So this evening I dressed for the South Pole and headed for the beach. 
Beanie and scarf.
I looked ridiculous.
I didn’t care.
It didn’t add to the warmth factor that I was barefoot.
I see no point in walking on the beach with shoes on.

I arrived at the beach to find there was,almost, no beach.
A very high tide and lovely waves.
Bitterly cold.
I had to walk towards the life saver section.
There I discovered there was some intrepid soul selling hot coffee.
This Granny does NOT take money when she goes for a walk!
If he had been selling rum I might have considered doing a trade with Jasmine.

The cold made my nose run.
I didn’t have a tissue.
Or a hankey.
On the way home Jasmine farted.
That made my eyes stream.
All in all NOT a good trip.
Thank heavens we don’t live far from the beach.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.


  1. The crossing-out function doesn’t work in the subject line 😦
    There is no point in wearing shoes on the beach just to have to clean off the sand later.
    Lol, not in a million years would you have traded Jasmine for a swig of rum!
    We’ve got a bit of rain and thunder at the moment, so I’ve put Cleo in the kitchen where Lucyanydots is busy terrorising the life out of her.

    • Thanks HP…that solves that puzzle for me!
      Your animals sound like my crazy family!!!

  2. Oh granny you really do make me giggle…sorry, just the thought of you with streaming eyes and nose in the car with that blue air has me giggling like a teenager here… That beach looks incredibly cold….so tell me, how many of those half pint recipes have you made yet?? Oh my hat there are some beauties there…..Im beginning to think I need to befriend my fat as its going to be around for a long time HAHA! How is your old step-dad my love? I keep praying for him. Love you bunces xxx

    • Half pint recipes???? *curious gaze*

      • I am also curious justme…Half Pint has recipes?

      • Not for the fainthearted I tell you…………there are only a certain type of person that can handle any of these!! :o)

      • JustMe i think we need to go over to Half Pint’s post!

    • Morning BG…the specialist is seeing him this morning…hopefully, we will know something later.

      • Thanx luv, keep me posted! xx

      • Will do BG.

  3. Haha! Not the best of walks, but I bet Jasmine thought it was just fine.

    Today our dogs were miffed with me – R and I went just far enough down the path to get them lauiched and then stopped and sat on a bench. In due course they came to see where the &&^%$!! we had got to, but by that time they’d had a good run.

    • Morning Col…I have tried that…doesn’t work….Jasmine insists I come with her.

  4. This post painted such a funny picture in my mind. Poor Jasmine,only worth a tot of rum. ;-> I think you were both brave as well as stupid going onto the beach in such weather. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD….cold and dark here today…don’t think we will be going walkies today.

  5. I’ve also got beyond worrying what I look like – comfort is where it’s at now! Wonderful photo, again!

    • Morning Adee…definitely comfort first!

  6. I’d invest in a little hip-flask if I were you, could be a great help with both the cold and the gassy odors!

    • Wine in a hipflask?Doesn’t sound right somehow.

  7. Ask JustMe to loan you her hip-flask for the winter months! But then again I suppose she would become totally unruly without her customary swig every few minutes! Lord knows, she’s bad enough as it is!

    • *glares at Douglas and passes Granny her spare hip flask* Like I only have ONE?! 😛

      • thanks JustMe….think I had better wait until after I have had my breakfast.

      • *JustMe fills Granny’s hip flask with rum … now she’ll never need to trade Jasmine!*

      • As if I really would Justme!

    • Good Morning Douglas…why do I get the feeling you know JustMe???????

      • Hehe…….

  8. Morning Granny! Have you heard any news about your dad yet? Have a great Friday and a peaceful weekend 😀

    • Not yet JustMe…hopefully later today…thanks for asking.

      • *JustMe makes note to come back later for an update*

  9. No new news yet, Granny?

    • Hi JustMe…they are still pumping in blood…day four….they are trying to get his platelets up to stop the bleeding…they can’t do much until the bleeding stops…they don’t seem to think it is cancer which is a relief!

  10. Beautiful photo on the top …

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