Posted by: granny1947 | July 14, 2010

Granny’s wet Wednesday


Good Morning All.
The trip over the mountain was not fun today.
Pouring with rain and pitch dark.
I slowed to a crawl.
Near op of the mountain I tucked in behind an Izuzu.
Hoped to God he could see where he was going.
If he had gone over the side Iwould gaily have followed him.

I got in this morning and there was an e-mail from our IT guy.
From today they are putting in some sort of filter.
I might not be able blog from the office any more.
This is dreadful.
I might have to WORK.

I have decided that Jasmine does not have cupboard love.
She has walk love.
She greets me with such enthusiasm when I get home from work.
Follows me everywhere.
It is a different story early on a cold wet morning.
I am lucky if she raises one eyebrow when I say goodbye.

Maybe humans are like that too?
Do we love people because of how they enhance our lives?
Mother love is different.
We are conditioned to love the buggers.
No matter what.

There is no law to say we have to love our parents.
Parents are often not deserving of love.
Why do we love our friends?
Because they make us feel better about ourselves.
Is all love selfish?
just throwing it out there.

Oh Lord…have just had such a shouting session with the singing wonder.
The woman does not LISTEN.
She talks over everyone else.
She is frigging impossible.
My bloodpressure has risen at least 20 points.
I need coffee.
Add another couple of points.



  1. Not having a good day are you, Gran? Why don’t you tape the singing wonder, then play it back full blast (or not) so she can finally hear herself? Should do the trick…

    • Morning Adee…people like that think they CAN sing!

  2. Adee’s idea is a good one.
    And can’t we bribe the IT guy?

    • Morning cindy…he is unbribable!!!

  3. Search for the backdoors into WordPress immediately!

    • Morning madmom…so far so good…can’t get onto the lottery page though…not that I care now…I didn’t win!

  4. when i had to deal with the one like the singing wonder, i took a biral tablet before every meeting, it stopped me from slugging her

    • Morning Sidey…but I WANT to slug her!

  5. Well you made me chuckle today!!
    Sing back at her………………… maybe that will teach her to shut up!!
    Friends are the family we choose for ourselves!!
    Hope your day improves!!

    • Morning MissChris….if I had to do that there would be a MASS exodus!

  6. How awful if you have to work instead of blogging granny! That singing wonder is obviously happier than you are. Try singing back at her and see if she’s still so happy. ;->

    • Do I detect a hint of sarcasm there AD?????
      I can’t sing back at her…I like the rest of my staff!!!

  7. Love is never selfish…

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