Posted by: granny1947 | July 12, 2010

Granny’s confession.


Six attempts.
Photo will not insert.
These things are sent to try us.

I have been obescenely busy.
So I have deicided to break my one post a day rule.

Everyone is talking about the end of the World Cup.
I am not feeling any anti-climax.
Don’t tell anyone….I don’t really like soccer.
Fell asleep during the final,last night.
Woke just in time to see the winning goal.
With one eye.

I tried to drum up some enthusiasm.
Before the game.
Thought about who I would like to see win.

My children had a Hollander grandfather.
I might have Dutch blood.
As opposed to Dutch courage.
My family arrived in this country on the ark.
Some of them might have been Hollanders.
But…I don’t KNOW.

Then I thought about Spain.
I don’t speak or understand the language.
I am scared of bulls.

So you see….I actually didn’t care who won the cup.
I could be in trouble with locals for saying that.
Bring it on!

I am not feeling very happy.
I,sometimes, have a Malawian guy in to help me with heavy housework.
A really sweet and polite and hardworking young man.
I got an SMS from him on Saturday.
Begging me to store his TV,his music centre and his bicycle for him.
I said yes.
These are the only tangible items he has to show for hard work done.
Our local thugs have threatened to beat him up…or worse.
There are times I am really ashamed to be South African.



  1. Hi Granny, lol, glad you saw the goal nonetheless 😉

    This Xenophobia thing is ridiculous, cant believe people do noncense like that.

    • Hi Natasha…and the authorities are playing it down….they ARE being threatened.

  2. I fell in love with soccer over the past six weeks, despite myself. I’m sorry Holland lost. And I’m exhausted; our friends and my husband and child got home at 1.30am from the game and wanted to party more … 4 hours sleep …

    The xenophobia thing is disgusting, makes me ashamed too.

    • Good Lord girl…why aren’t you napping?

  3. I’m really ashamed about the xenophobia and the way these poor people have to live in fear of their lives…

    I really love seeing your pics everyday Gran!

    • I am so glad Jem…you got TWO today!!!

  4. I understand the fear – on both sides. The only solution is to create more jobs – needing a stable environment! Very complex problem.

    • A dreadful problem Adee…but not one to be solved with violence.

  5. It’s awful having to live in fear like that. I just can’t imagine how terrified they must all be.
    I really hope govt steps up their job programmes etc so our locals don’t see foreigners as a threat.
    Take care, Granny.

    • Neither can I Madmom…haven’t heard from him…hope he is ok!

  6. I’m generally not a footie-fan, but found myself captivated by the World Cup during the last month.

    The xenophobia and the resultant violence is deplorable, as is the attitude of the authorities.

    • Morning HP…still no news from my guy….do hope he is ok.

  7. Hmmmm that is quite possibly one of the most beautiful photos that you have taken granny. I just love it…the colour, the clarity, the wave splashing, the rocks…just delightful on the eye! I really enjoyed the footie for the first time in my life hehe…

    Xenophobia…..too awful for words and yes….very very real threat. It was discussed in church yesterday about mobilizing people to help out with displaced people etc. The carguard who works at the mall left on Saturday…returning to whatever life in Zim. When I asked him why he said because Malema said they must go. And my fortnightly char who lives in Masi told me that there is going to be big trouble…..shocking and disgusting granny. I also become very ashamed at times like this. Love you xxx

    • Thanks BG….with my trusty old cheapo camera…hell I miss it!

  8. Poor chap, it’s very very frightening.

    I went to todays post and I can’t find a comment button??? am I being doff?

    • Supa!!!Put down that vase of Zesty!

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