Posted by: granny1947 | July 10, 2010

Granny’s eating day


Good Morning All.

Having lost 14kgs(sounds much better in pounds) my diet took a pounding yesterday.
I am ignoring the scale.
Almost put it in the cupboard where it couldn’t see me.
But then I thought that was a bit ridiculous.

I went to Browniegirl for lunch.
Lordy that woman can cook.
We had the most delicious chicken stirfry.
I don’t know what she put in it.
Well, I did see nuts and a lot of spices but it was scrumptious.
We had a glass and a half of nice red wine and nattered away for hours.
It was lovely.

I only got home after four and was too lazy to take Jasmine to the beach.
Promised her an extra long walk today.
It is pouring with rain and freezing.
Sorry girl.

The MEX took me to the Spur for supper.
I had a huge steak.
AND I ate all my chips and onion rings.
When I break my diet I go the whole hog.
No half measures from this Gran.

Talking about weight.
Well I WAS.
New Attitude has lost five kgs.
I am so proud of her.

I didn’t win the lottery last night.
No-one did.
It has gone up to 75 million.
75 is such a nice number.
I am putting it out to the universe.
I WANT to win.
This Gran would,finally, like to give up work.
I don’t NEED 75 million but it would be such fun giving a lot of it away.
I would set up a little complex of homes for AIDS orphans.
Wouldn’t that be great?

Now I am going to sort out my cupboards.
What fun.
Be still my beating heart!



  1. 75, isn’t that your age? Perfect symmetry.
    I am also proud of NA.
    As for over-indulgence, Sidey came over last night, the fourteen wine bottles I put in the wheelie this morning were the visiting Poms’ fault … not ours.

    • Teehee….she’s going to save up a klap for you for your next Cape Town visit!! :o)

    • Cindy!!!! One granny smack coming your way.
      Hangover…no sympathy!

      • *blows a raspberry*

      • Rude girl!!Back at you!

  2. So what, Gran, you need more calories in winter for warmth! Good luck.

    • No Adee…worked so damn to lose this weight…I’d rather shiver.

  3. Was so so wonderful to see you and spend some quality time with you my friend. Must do it again soon. Love you… didn’t take poor Jazzie for her walk?? Oh dear, I’m imagining that sulky pout and doggone eyes :o) xx

    • Damn dog keeps following me everywhere looking hopeful.

      • Did you talk about bloggers???

      • Of course Cindy…were your ears burning?

  4. Ah, but you do need some winter insulation. 14kgs is great going, Granny.
    Well done to NA as well.

    • Thanks Madmom…I am especially proud of NA.

  5. Well done you on the weight loss !!!!
    gosh .. 75m .. that sounds worth putting your line in the water for …
    enjoy the last few days of leave

    • If you win Robyn…remember who reminded you!!!

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