Posted by: granny1947 | July 9, 2010

Lazy Daisy Granny


It is ten o’clock and I am still in my jammies.
I feel no guilt.
Well,not much.
Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

It is cold and overcast.
Looks like rain,
A perfect day to creep under the duvet with my book.
Sorry Jasmine….maybe later.

Just now I have to go and get dressed.
Am going to see Browniegirl.
Am really looking forward to the visit.
We haven’t seen each other for months.
Good heavens…it must be six months.
Time flies when you are having fun.

Lyndatjie has threatened to dognap Jasmine.
A few pointers Frog.
She has her own armchair.
New Attitude, recently, gave me her old lounge suite.
It is cold and uncomfortable.
But it LOOKS better than my old suite.
I gave my old suite to one of my son’s workers.
I had to keep an armchair back.
Just for Jasmine.

When MEX (menopausal ex husband) goes away Jasmine sleeps on his side of the bed.
With her head on his pillow.
He would have a heart attack if he knew.
Maybe I should tell him?
Frog are you prepared to share your bed with a big hair shedding dog?

When visitors arrive she knocks them over with joy and enthusiasm.

She sulks.

She has a sense of humour and,sometimes, pretends she won’t get into the car when we have to leave the beach.
The damn dog smiles.

She also digs big holes into the side of the dunes if I sit down.
The dune police would not be happy.

So Frog….think of all this before you contemplate a dognapping!



  1. LOL! It sounds like she’s got you well trained!

    All my dogs sleep on my bed, under the blankets and don’t give a fig that they push me out of the bed at regular intervals. They are allowed on all the furniture and even have their own blankets all over the place so that they can be tucked in when its cold. But I don’t think that Jasmine is going to like living with me much because she won’t be getting walks on the beach – only in the park… The only thing she can dig for there is moles and they are nippy little bastards…. *grin*
    Love that dog!

    Please give my love to Browniegirl – I think she is the bees knees!

    Enjoy your last day Granny and don’t feel guilty about staying in bed to your heart’s content.

    Frog out!

    • I think I want to come and live with you…sounds like my kind of home.
      I still count the weekend as holiday!
      Browniegirl is wonderful…am off to shower now!

  2. I think you’ll have a celebratory visit with browniegirl; seems she’s won some Woolies competition. Give her a hug, will you?

    • I will do that Cindy….

  3. You will be glad to know that Mr Sun is shining down on me here…..hopefully it will continue…looking so forward to seeing you later….hopefully the lunch I serve is going to make me a rich Woolies shopper later today :o) xxx

    • *sulks* wish I could join you ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Wish you could have…it was great…Justme.

    • Thank you so much for a lovely day Colleen…did you hear from Woolies?

  4. Sound just like what I would like to be doing…………………. enjoy!!!

    • Thanks Miss Chris…I did!

  5. Oh how I love that bloody dog…

  6. Enjoy your weekend granny. I’m sure Jasmine isn’t up for grabs. She sounds like she’s your shadow. Hope your holiday has left you rested and renewed in body and spirit. Hugs to you.

    • Thanks so much AD…you too!

  7. ENjoy.

  8. Don’t feel guilty, Gran. I got up for a short while this morning, performed my ablutions, changed, made a stew, and went back to bed around 10h30 ‘cos it’s just too darn COLD!

    • Hi Adee…a woman after my own heart…I love it!

  9. Enjoy the visit with BG Granny! I wouldn’t have minded being off today – it is definitely the right weather to laze round in jammies.

    • Hi Mid thirty…had a lovely time with Browniegirl…such a special lady!

  10. Oi .. 6 months ? So our little meeting was just a whisp in the ether ๐Ÿ™‚ .. sigh .. how quickly they forget ๐Ÿ™‚ ..
    Hope you enjoyed your official day of leave my friend.
    Have news for you .. will try and email you .. you got a home addy ?

      • LOL .. thought that would get attention .. have replied to your email ๐Ÿ™‚ .. hope it didn’t disappoint

      • Great news puppycat…well done!

    • Did you and I meet Colleen less than 6 months ago?God I am getting old!

      • Gosh time flies when you having fun .. it was less .. think May ๐Ÿ™‚ ..
        Paul says to say hello by the way .. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hello back to Paul…had completely forgotten that we got together..please don’t take it personally!!!

  11. Does Jasmine have an official fan club I could join? I’m generally strictly a cat person, but from the pics and way you describe your dog,I think I may have treacherous canine lover in me. Just don’t tell my cats because I think they might try to do me in;)

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