Posted by: granny1947 | July 8, 2010

Granny’s holiday(nearly over)

Hi Everyone.

I had quite a day.
A very nice day.
Well, most of it.

Younger son picked up 16 year old to take her to the chemist.
Phoned me later to join them for breakfast.
A lovely treat.
Then I had to take her through to a friend.
They were going to the movies.
She assured me she knew where friend lived.
Not true.
After twenty minutes of driving around she got hold of friend and we got directions.
By that time I had smoke wafting out my ears.

Then on the way home I met the above Mommy.
I don’t think you can see the baby clinging to her tummy.
Which is a pity.
It was a big troupe of baboons.
With FIVE monitors trying to keep them in order.
Actually, I don’t know who was leading who(or is that whom?)
The traffic was being held up on both sides.
One character sat in the middle of the road.
Surveyed the view.
Scratched his tummy.
Chatted to his friends.
Then sauntered very slowly into the bush.

I got home and loaded Jasmine in the car and we headed for the beach.
It was a glorious Cape Town winter day.

Both Jasmine and I wagged our tails from pure joy at being there!

I got home and read my book and had a great nap.

Granddaughter has now left after nearly six weeks with me.
I am going to save a fortune.
In electricity….no more twenty minute showers.
In toilet rolls…no..I have no idea  what she does with them.
In food…the kid wakes up and heads straight for the fridge.
Stands staring into it hoping something delicious will appear.
But….I will miss her.

And now…because I can…and especiallt for Simon….

Have a great evening all.


  1. I can see the baby monkey clearly.
    Don’t miss the baboons at all.
    Love Jasmine’s smile.
    You’ll miss the 16 year old’s flap jacks.

    I am trying to do The One Liner.
    I can’t.
    Not like you.

    Sleep tight Hon.

    • Hi Cindy…I can’t see the baby…how weird.
      Nothing wrong with your one liners.

      • I can see the little baby – its too cute!
        (Change your screen to a lighter setting – it must be set very dark if you can’t see it….)

      • Don’t be silly Frog…I have no idea how to do that!

      • Oops sorry….
        Ok… what type of monitor do you have? Make and model?

      • Uhm….it is a Dell….Model?…no frigging idea!

      • Take a picture of the screen and email it to me…. That’s the quickest way for me to help you.

      • Will do it tomorrow Frog…am too tired right now!

  2. Why do they all stare into the fridge? Rob my 34 year old still does it when he visits?

    Thank you for the award, I really appreciate it, but I don’t think I know 15 bloggers here and at the moment I can’t keep 3 blogs going. Once the competition is finished at Kleine Zalze then I will concentrate on this one again.

    • Hi Supa…you are one busy bee…don’t think all the bloggers have to be from WordPress.

  3. Bloody woman! Now I have to mop up my Computer Screen again! You are very lucky I was reading your post from my computer and not my notebook otherwise I would be giving you a bill for a shorted out notebook full of tea! *grumble*
    (You are without a doubt the queen of one-liners and like Cindy I seriously don’t know how on earth you do it! Hysterical post)

    That dog is going to dognapped by me still – just you wait… (That’s to say if Simon doesn’t get there before me…)

    • Jasmine won’t go…she knows a good life when she sees one!

      • I have no morals here woman – I can and will bribe with copious amounts of droe wors!

      • Read today’s post Lynda…you have been warned.
        After payday you ARE coming over to meet the mutt.

  4. Oh I do love you Dearest!

    • Love you too and really miss you!

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