Posted by: granny1947 | July 8, 2010

Granny’s blogger award

I am pleased to announce that I was recently given a blogging award by our

. Traditionally, when one receives an award like this, he/she graciously passes it along to someone else with no strings attached, but The Versatile Blogger Award comes with some conditions, listed below. If you are one of the recipients, please understand there is no pressure to accept it – just know that we enjoy visiting your blog.

1. Thank the folks and link to them
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass along to 15 bloggers (and link to them)
4. Comment on their blogs to tell them of the award

1.) Thank the Folks and Link to Them:

Thank you,, for awarding The Versatile Blogger Award to me.  I find it awesome that you even considered me.

2.) Share Seven Things About yourself.

1)I have idiot tattoed on my forehead(only visible to people who know me)
2)I adopted one of my grandchildren(see number one)
3)I have been married three times(see number one)
4)I started smoking after having given up for a whole year(see number one)
5)I dream of winning the lottery and giving up work(see number one)
6)I have four children(see number one)
7)I,sometimes, think I love my cat and dog more than my family.


3. Pass Along to 15 Other Bloggers and Link to Them:
(In alphabetical order)…

Thank you thelisas…..this has taken me forever!
God forbid I should be bored!



  1. Thank you for this 🙂
    For the record, I don’t think you’re an idiot.
    Love you.

    • Oh no Cindy…I AM an idiot…love you too.

  2. Oh my gosh, I think that even I love your dog more than my family.

    • What’s not to love about Jasmine Si!!!!

  3. Thanks for the thought, Gran, but i have to turn it down, sorry! And I don’t think you’re an idiot either. Btw, you have 16 on your list. 😦

    • I’d better explain – I am finding it PAINstakingly hard to blog at the moment. :8

    • Oh good grief…so it has taken me even longer and now I can’t count!!!
      I,fully, understand.

  4. Wow Granny, this is the first blog award I have ever received, so I am quite unprepared with an acceptance speech. When I get to doing the post with all the required info, I shall include my acceptance speech. Thank you very much for my award, it has made the sun shine just a little brighter today!

    • I am so glad Mid-thirty…I was also so chuffed!

      • Hi Granny, I nominated you (even though I know you have one already), because I do enjoy your blog. Hope you have a great evening and a Fabulous Friday tomorrow.

      • NoooooooooooooooooMid Thirty…I don’t think you can do that!!!!
        It took me hours to do that post…can’t do it again!!!
        But thank you!

  5. Just popped in to say howzit…. Good for you.

    • Always nice to see you Robin…all ok at home?

      • Same ole same ole…. but we are managing, so far. Budget is always an issue, but…… we know that don’t we.

      • Only too well Robin…only too well!

  6. Congrats! Very sweet of you….I will give it a bash…love ya! *sulks* Two words “On Holiday*…love ya xxx

    • Hi Love…it is HARD work!!!!

  7. Hi Granny, now that i have found you again will try and visit more often

    • Hi Blanket…wonderful to see you…oh wow…you are on WordPress…I am on my way over!

      • do not rush over yet, am so confused by this site, do not know what I am doing.

      • Have just been…your page looks great!
        You will have to approve my comment..but just for the first time.

      • Cindy…Frog…..why can’t I add Blanket to my Blogroll??????

      • Maybe she needs to approve your comment first before she can be added? Cin????

      • Good thought….Cindy????????????

  8. Congrats,Granny. Am I to understand you’re passing the award along to those linked? While I am flattered my blog is mentioned, I’d have to decline an award at this time simply because I don’t have the time, patience, or apparent code savvy to meet the conditions of acceptance. Just a mere mention by one who enjoys reading my blog is very nourishing for the soul and I thank you kindly and look forward to the day when I have my act together a bit more and can actually do your kind act justice by accepting and meeting the conditions.

    • Morning Morgue…I fully understand love…when you are ready.

  9. Ag you are sweet – thanks Granny! (Oh and I love my dogs and cats and Jasmine more than our teenagers! So don’t feel alone in that.)

    • Phew…and I thought I was strange!!
      Wait…this is the Frog I am talking to…maybe we are BOTH strange.

  10. Congrats on your award granny. I wouldn’t hesitate to award you and your blog every award that’s going hehe…Loved reading your points and getting to know those things about you….I never somehow saw that idiot sign yesterday on your forhead although I did look closely….must’ve had it lasered off in the meanwhile LOL! You are one AMAZING woman sweetie.
    Thank you so much for nominating me for this. I am honoured. I will do it. I promise :o) Hugs and lots of love xxx

    • You are too kind BG….can’t wait to see your post!

  11. You deserve this award. In regards to #4, I had a great aunt who gave up smoking for 20 years. When she turned 75, she figured, what the hell? and started up again. She also carried around a flask that with the word “rye” on the front. I think you would have liked her. I know that I love reading your blog and looking at your lovely photos and adorable, smiling doggy. Cheers!

    • Hello Amy…thank you love….now where can I buy a nice flask!

  12. Thanks, will give it a go!

    • Great…let me know when you have posted!

  13. Then cue, then cue vary mush!
    Will get to it, but in no rush –
    (I’m showing my ability
    At awful Verse Utility!)

    • Morning Col…and doing well I see!!!

  14. You were not slow – you were so darn quick we almost missed it! Glad you had some fun posting the award, we did too!

    • Morning thelisas…so I was quick on the draw?
      That is a first!

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