Posted by: granny1947 | July 4, 2010

Sunday Granny

The cold Atlantic lapping around my feet
draws out the poison of the week gone by
the sound of the surf drowns the woes of a mind beset
and..for a brief while
I am me.



  1. Wish I could paddle with you, hang in there.

    • Morning Supa…wish you could too…am dying to meet you!

    • When ARE you ever coming this way Supa? I also want to meet you. Imagine you, granny, lyndatjie, griet & me (oh and my friend JustMe hehe)…….that could be so much fun. And madmom, sidey & cin would have to come down too…..xx

      • When i win the lottery on Tuesday i will fly them ALL down here!

    • And MissChris, Whispey, Bloggsie and also Linnie….now that would really be an amazing affair!!

  2. Nice writing granny, you’re constantly in my thoughts my friend.

    • I know Cindy…and it helps!

  3. You have expressed yourself so well here. Take time for yourself in the middle of your worries, Gran.

    • Thanks Adee…my first attempt!

      • …and doesn’t it feel good?

  4. BIG hugs, Granny.

    • Thanks Madmom…coming over to read the snippets just now!

  5. Hope you are resting a bit?

    • I washed some windows,BB, otherwise have done nothing!

  6. My beautiful friend, I am sending you a very big hug with lots of love attached. You are precious. Today has been the most magnificent day has it not? Coffee or lunch this week with me?? Wed or Fri is good for me…. xx

    • Hi Browniegirl…would love to come over on Wednesday…thank you!

  7. Beautiful ….love & hugs xxx

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