Posted by: granny1947 | July 4, 2010

Still Sunday Granny

Why,why,why do I battle so to insert my pictures?
I don’t think WordPress is too impressed with my photgraphic skills.

I have had an amazingly lazy day.
I HAVE cleaned all the windows.
Well most of them.
We can now see out of them.
I feel so virtuous.
For my new friends…I have a torn tendon in my shoulder.
I am going to know all about it tomorrow.
For the most part it does not worry me too much.
I was supposed to have an operation in January but could not bear the thought of not being able to drive for six whole weeks.
Oh ok….I chickened out.
It is not too bad though.
Only when I do heavy housework.
And sometimes when I wake in the morning but nothing to write home about.
It is always useful to have an excuse NOT to do houswork!!!

Aha….got the picture right this time.
Don’t you just love the band of mist?

It has been a glorious winter Cape Town day.
Not a breath of wind.
Makes one feel good to be alive.

I have been counting all the positive things in my life.
Wow…there are lots of things to be grateful for.

The other day my beloved DIL(New Attitude) said she wants me to come and live with her.
I need to check how much wine she had to drink when she said that.
She says she is going to buy a house with a granny flat.
And I am a granny.
Even if it never happens it feels so good that she cares enough to want me.

I have wonderful friends.
I mean really WONDERFUL friends.
They are there for me one hundred percent.
How lucky can a granny be?

I know they reckon Blogfriends are not real.
However, I feel such a connection to so many of mine.
They give me virtual hugs and words of encouragement.
How great is that?

I have a fulltime job.
At my age that is incredible.
I can keep a roof over my head.
And eat.
Lots of people cannot say that.

So all in all….this granny is feeling more positive.

You can all breath a sigh of relief.
Miserable posts are the pits!

Just for fun…let us try another picture.

And it worked again.
Life is good!!!



  1. You do have lots of blogfriends who care, Glam Gran!

    • Thank you so much Adee…it is really great.

  2. Good morning Granny! I am so happy to hear/read that you are feeling so much better. Focusing on what you do have is always such a great exercise.
    Maybe it’s a thing with Kathy’s, but I’ve got a bum shoulder, too!
    Have started acupuncture to help with it. Seems to work, somewhat — at least I can feel my hand most of the time since my last treatment. Anyway, housework is a dirty word, try to avoid it as much as possible! LOL.


    • Morning Klrs…unfortunately acupuncture won’t help me but mine seems to be improving.

  3. Blessed indeed – and I have made the most wonderful friends on blogland – they were my stability during a very unstable time in my life!

    • Aren’t they wonderful Misschris?big hug to you too.

  4. Wonderful pics and wonderful post. Glad you’re feeling more positive and I don’t see anything lazy about cleaning your windows. hope you haven’t overdone that shoulder. Bless your DIL. She is lovely. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD…she is the best!!!

  5. And you have me, who lovies u too.

    • Awwwwww….there is so much love on this blog today…love you too!

  6. I just love reading your posts, granny. And I definitely love your photography!! I am so glad that you persevere in getting the photographs inserted. I did not realize that New Attitude was your DIL.

    • Morning Grandawn…why haven’t you been posting?
      Yes..New Attitude is the best DIL in the world.

      • Awwww! *big hugs*

      • Mwah!

  7. New Attitude is a good kid, I just love her. Try some Arnica on that shoulder.
    Love you!

  8. Cindy is right. Arnica works wonders. You will be up the creek if you can’t drive. Shame man. I think NA’s idea is great. Just make sure you have a buffer of some sort, as living with the kids has its moments, as you know….

    My little “moment” is sort of under control. Rather it has been overshadowed by other more pressing things, so we live to see another climax.

    • Robin hello! Granny would have her own space, entrance n all that jazz…I know she loves to cook – she may end up as my personal chef …muwahahahahaha!!!….hehehehehe

      • I think I could handle that job!

    • I am so glad to hear things are better Robin…I was so worried about you.

  9. Ok…. I’ve got my weedeater and my StunGun….. where dat teenager???????
    Oh…. crises gone? But I wanted to zap and sit on him while I got rid of his mop… *deep sulk*

    Gotta love New Attitude – she at least knows your worth and understands your value! Lovely woman that!

    And lets not forget that the Frog loves you too…. and will strangle anybody that messes with her favourite granny… (even if you don’t LOOK like a bloody granny – woman you are looking like a million dollars!)

    • She does look good hey!

    • Good Morning Lynda…now I have that picture in my head….I can’t resist…I’ll track him down and you can have you way with him!

  10. *blushes profusely* enough already with the flattery…:-) btw I am not allowed to drink wine at work…(wish I could) so I meant what I said – if ever you need a place and don’t mind my farting you are welcome.. LOL!!!

    • You walk around farting? I never knew!!!

  11. It’s misty like that down this end of the world today. Sorry to hear about the shoulder, sounds mighty eina!

    • hi Midthirty…It is not too bad at all…or else i have just got used to it!

  12. Glad you are feeling a bit more positive, I found that my blogging friends were wonderful when my boet died, so supportive and caring, better than my real friends if truth be known!

    • Hi Supa…isn’t it amazing…..I am constantly amazed.

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