Posted by: granny1947 | July 2, 2010

Emotional Granny

Hello All.

I thought I had better report in.

I have been on an emotional roller coaster.
Alternating from crying to anger to disappointment.
I have also been incredibly busy here at work.
We shut down today for a week and there has been SO much work to get through before I can walk out of here.
I have been working flat out and getting home too exhausted to post.
Going to sleep and waking up an hour later to toss and turn.
I NEED this week off.

Inbetween all the work pressure I have been getting phone calls to sort out the daughter mess.
Younger daughter yelling at me that I must do something.
Me allowing her to upset me.
Me forgetting she is a drama queen with selective memory.
Damn I can be dumb.
Younger son telling me not to stress …that he will lend them some money for the first month’s rent on a flat(apartment).
Me feeling very relieved.
Then younger son telling me he is NOT keen to help out unless he is sure to be repaid.
Younger son,finally, agreeing to send them the money on Monday.
After I said I will repay him.

Phoning SIL to find out exactly what their financial position is.
It sucks!
Have told him he will have to repay me.
Or I will come up and castrate him.
Shocked silence from him…he doesn’t know me too well…YET.

Then the cherry on the top last night.
The 17 year old came home.
In case you are all getting confused….he is the son of the elder daughter.
He lived with me from five years old to sixteen years old.
We were close.
I love him to bits.
He has been away a year and I don’t know this boy.
He has become self obsessed.
Will only wear designer clothes.

He walked in and within five minutes we were having the most horrendous fight.
I told his mother I will take him to the hairdresser for a decent haircut as he has to change to a goverment school next week.
He didn’t want to go.
All my frustration boiled over and I screamed at him and he took off.
Completely my fault.
A huge overreaction on my part.
Well, maybe not ALL my fault.
He is acting like an egotistical, obnoxious git.
In other words…a typical teenager.
I am just not in the right mental frame of mind to deal with teenagers.
Or anyone.

So that was the weeping and some of the anger.
I am still very, very angry.
With ALL my kids.
I am disappointed in all of them.

Elder daughter…for getting herself pregnant at the age of 42.
Younger daughter for acting like a total bitch.
Elder son for not replying to any requests from his siblings for help…he is ,in effect, giving the problem to me.
Younger son for expecting me to pay him back for the money is going to lend them.

What I now feel like doing is stepping away from the entire family.
Kids, grandkids and even my parents.

This piece of emotional elastic has now been stretched to it’s limit.

I WILL pay my son back.
Then the whole fandamily can go and get fumigated.

Is it too late for an abortion?



  1. Oh my dear friend, I read so much into these lines; how I wish there was something I could do to assist you. Please be kinder to yourself. I am here if you need me.

    • Thank you Cindy…I know my friend.

  2. It’s just not fair that you are expected to shoulder everything. What about Sil’s family? can’t they help?

    • Hi supa…apparently not!

  3. (((BIG HUGS))) Granny!!!!!!! *JustMe slips Granny a half-jack* Hope you get some relaxing done next week! *JustMe wishes her work would close for a week*

    • Hello Justme…this holiday is coming at just the right time!

  4. hope it all works out!

    • Thanks Tandy…am sure it will.

  5. Bet you wish there was a little button you could push to make you stop loving them?
    Or that you were strong enough to put them all over your knee and give them a decent hiding!
    I hope you have plans to be very kind to yourself this weekend.

    • Thanks Rose…the second option sounds so good right now!

  6. Oh, just reading your post has me feeling so stressed out for you granny. You just have to believe that it will all work out. Just take it one day at a time and as Rose advised, be kind to yourself this weekend. Glad you have some time off from work. You really need it. Hugs and love to you. xx

    • Hello AD…think I will just sleep all weekend…I wish!

  7. Jesus christ Gogs. I haven;t been away for that long and there is chaos going on. What happened? We must do dinner so we can chill. I will bring wine. A bucket of it.

    • Hehehe…make that two buckets!!!

  8. enjoy your break — and don’t worry too much about the 17 year old — his wounded pride will only last as long as he’s not hungry or until he needs something from you — sadly, that’s the nature of the teenage beast. As for the rest of them? Take the phone off the ringer and ignore them. hope you enjoy your break.

    • Good morning Klrs…yes…at the moment I am doing the ostrich thing…ignoring all of them!

  9. *big mega hugz* love & hugs xxx I will join you and Simon and add another bucket of wine

    • YAY YAY!

      • This could turn into a party!!!

    • Love you darling.

  10. This really sucks. What is the matter with the lot of them? Have they adopted the SA disease of entitlement? ‘We want; therefore we must get.’

    It is all highly unfair and unreasonable.

    • Morning Col…yes…we DEMAND!!!

  11. I’m a daughter of a mother and all I can say is that I would NEVER treat my mother like this. Harden your heart Granny before they consume you in their selfish quest for the almighty me and I.
    I’m shocked to say the least!
    I wish I could help – but the type of help I would like to offer involves lots and lots of boot marks under some extremely selfish butts. 😦

    • Don’t worry Lynda..the heart hardening has begun!

  12. So sorry you are going through such stress. You should not have to be dealing with your kids’ cr@p, but you are a mom. I see sometimes what we put my mom through (not as bad as you), and it’s not fair. Big hugs to you and hope things work out soon.

    • Thanks 40…we must meet for coffee soon!

  13. Teenagers are all self obsessed.I hope you can try and rest a bit this week.I think you should move up here to Jhb(and not leave a forwarding address!)

    • Morning BB…Now THERE is an idea!!!!

  14. Hi, photos have been slow for me this year, little broke myself, but not broken.

    Saw a sticka the other day on a car, “Don’t let money change you”.

    I think it’s good to remember this, whether you are rich or poor at the moment as it’s just money, and sure you need it to eat, pay rent etc. but at the end of the day use the opportunity of change to grow, positively, not negatively, trying this myself,

    and why worry about the boys hair, it’s not your hair.

    Henry David Thoreau – “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

    • Hi myphotographer…he can keep the hair but then he won’t be allowed into school!

  15. I’m so sorry, Gran. Crises do tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people unfortunately. I agree with Col and Lyndatjie’s views too. Take care of yourself.

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