Posted by: granny1947 | June 28, 2010

Monday Granny


Sigh…picture problems again.
Will have to try and insert just now.

The bad news is I have run out of gig this month at home.
This is my first month on my new three gig package.
Just can’t understand it.
I wonder if WordPress uses up a lot of bandwidth?
And Facebook?
Might have to consider going over to Mweb uncapped.
Does anyone have any advice about that offer?

Woke up this morning feeling uncomfortably warm.
When I walked out to my car I was hit by a blast of warm wind.
This is supposed to be the middle of winter.
What the devil is going on?

There is enough in life that confuses my old brain.
Don’t need the weather to do it too.

I think I have had enough of Dean Koonz for a while.
I read until after eleven last night.
All about some mad guy removing body parts.
These books are causing some very interesting dreams.

The following is a pic,taken,yesterday of my younger son and the 16year old granddaughter.
The poop picker upper.

You will notice I breed them BIG!!
The lady in yellow is my beloved DIL.
Her 40th birthday.
I have no idea why son has such a pained expression!

Have a lovely day everyone.



  1. Good morning Granny. I switched over to MWeb last month as I kept having to top-up my gigs with Telkom. I have had no problems with them at all. The speed is the same and what a pleasure to have uncapped internet. No hidden costs – R219 – and no signing a contract; it’s month-to-month.

    • I am going to phone them just now 40…thank you for the input.

  2. I’ve got a Telkom package (the middle one) and never run out of gigs.
    Do you resize your photos to 72 dpi?

    That grand daughter makes the best breakfasts!

    • Morning Cindy…and just what does that mean???????

  3. Morning luv, thats a lovely photo of the family. You shouldn’t run out of gigs on a 3 gig thingie. Is it telkom? I have the telkom closer 3 and I have free phone calls everywhere and also never run out of gigs…I also want to know what 72dpi is please Cindy. I do resize all my pics though but have no clue what that means LOL!!

    • hi colleen…glad I am not the only ignorant one here….I just post my pics as large…wonder if this is the problem?

  4. International site do use more giggies that local. I’m with Telkom and some months I have to top up.

    • Hi Supa…how many gigs are you going through?

  5. DPI stands for dots per inch. I use a free software package called Pixresizer to downsize my pics before posting them, although I also use the large option here.

    What telkom line (line speed) are you using for the net? We changed to the uncapped bandwidth from Afrihost (, but we have a 4mb line from Telkom which is their fastest one at the moment, so our uncapped is a bit more pricey. I’ve just checked our usage – and I’ve used just over 20gigs already this month!

    If you’re using a 384 kb line from Telkom, uncapped bandwidth from Afrihost will cost you R197 per month.

    Drop me a mail if you have any questions 🙂

    • Morning HP…Darn…I signed with mweb yesterday!!!
      Not too much more though.
      Oops..that reminds me…must cancel my Telkom package!!!

  6. I love that picture of the beach! I think you’re one of the luckiest people in the world for getting to see that everyday. Very far from the concrete and sand I see in Dubai!

    By the way, you should consider an uncapped line, which is available in South Africa now.

    • Hello Prisha…thank you so much for the visit.
      I signed up for the uncapped line yesterday.
      Even managed to do the set-up all by myself!!!!!
      Yes…I know how lucky I am….I never get over all the beauty here…so good for the soul.

  7. Oi! not a very flattering angle there!! Double chin and all *** sobs***

    • Don’t be silly…you are still beautiful!

    • Beautiful…..inside and out!!! Hugs xxx

  8. Late thoughts. I find Mozilla Firefox works better with picture uploads than MS Explorer. And … if you’ve used your 1G limit, are you uploading large picture files (which really aren’t needed on a web post). You could use something to save lower resolution versions of your pictures then upload those. I use a freeware program called Irfanview. If you want more info, let me know …


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