Posted by: granny1947 | June 27, 2010

Busy Granny

Good Evening all.

Anyone miss me?
Good…I thought so.

Yesterday was not wonderful.
The weather was dreadful.
Howling wind and cold.
The wind was moaning through the house like a horror movie.
I cleaned house.
Such a futile exercise.

Today was MUCH more productive.
I was up good and early.
Put on a load of washing and then showered and washed my hair.
Interesting huh?

The weather was stunning.
Sunshine with just a hint of a breeze.
Jasmine and I hit the beach good and early and had a marvelous walk.
Then off to the shops to get some groceries and goodies for lunch with New Attitude.
Today was her 40th birthday and we had a family lunch.
Roast lamb with all the trimmings.
My jeans are feeling decidely uncomfortable.

Back to my walk.
I sat on a wet rock at the end of the beach to think.
I wondered why sitting on something cold and wet can give you piles.
I can’t spell haema thingies.
Which let me to think how I could stop killing the ex husband who lives with me.
If you think of it one thought can lead to the other.
They are both a pain in the butt.

The man is going through worse PMS than any female I know.
His mood swings are something to see.
The day is coming.
I AM going to put him out of his misery.

Hell….I hope none of his kids read my blog!

I didn’t win the lottery last night.
Probably because I didn’t buy a ticket.

My dream is a house near the beach.
Not TOO near the beach.
I have heard of Tsunami’s.
With not a man in sight.
Actually no…there CAN be a couple of male neighbours.
Just in case I can’t open a bottle.

Now I am waffling.
Time to end off.



  1. Good evening granny. Not easy having ex husband living with you if you want to “put him out of his misery.” Don’t do anything rash, they might not let you blog in jail. Take care. HUg xx

    • Good Morning AD…according to Cindy I CAN blog in jail…I wonder what I would blog about?

  2. No, they are sure to let you blog in jail, read this:

    But I think prison may make the haema thingies worse, so rather just ignore the husband and hope he goes away.

    • Morning Cindy…one lives in hope!

  3. LOL…. You want to send him to me for the weekend? I have a short attention span and a very big ocean to bury the bodies in!
    Only one person in a relationship has the right to PMS and its the one with the bigger gun… (Want to lend mine?) *grin*

    • hehehe Lynda…thanks for the offer…might just take you up on that!
      How is the snotty nose?

  4. No loneliness can go deeper than when someone fraudulently occupies a role that is supposed to offer intimacy and validation.

    Married and divorced – I was more lonely as a married woman.

    It’s been a day of listening to women friends getting out of relationships. Wonder what is going on…do you folks want some USA/Canadian ex’s??

    • Morning Souldipper…My goodness…have you been reading my mind?
      They just suck the joy out of one’s life.
      No thank you…you can keep your ex’s!!!

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