Posted by: granny1947 | June 25, 2010

Granny and the blackout

Good Morning All.

We went out for pizza last night.
The half price special is still on.
We were home by seven thirty and granddaughter was watching a movie.
At eight thirty the lights went out.
Not an outage.
We had just run out.
She said “what are we going to do now?”
I said “we are going to bed”
Wish I could have seen the expression on her face.
Eight thirty bedtime during the school holidays….disaster for a teenager.

So I had to get up early this morning.
Dress by candlelight.
Rush down to the garage…draw money…buy electricity…sms the number back home…put in petrol…and get to work.
With no early morning coffee.

I have been trying to get hold of New Attitude to find out how they enjoyed the soccer.
I did speak to the eldest grandson.
He is 18 and conversations with him are very difficult at the best of times.
Almost impossible early in the morning.
I gather, from the various grunts, his mother and the 17 year old got back after midnight and he thinks they enjoyed themselves.
I am sure she will post later.

A strange thing has happened.
DIL took two pictures of me last evening.
I wanted to change my facebook picture.
Especially as Cindy has posted a really dreadful picture of me.
Thanks CIN!!!
I downloaded this morning.
No pictures?
I saw them there.
It is official.
The camera does not like me!

Now let me catch up on some of the work that has piled up on my desk.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Oh pooh, it’s a lovely pic.
    Get over yourself …

    *blows smokering*

    Love you!

    • The one at the MOB is awful…I think it was the motivation I needed to lose weight.
      Love you too!

  2. I use IBUY to get electricity on line – saves the dash like mad when you run out – have a super weekend

    • Hi Tandy…unfortunately I did not see we were running low…no power…no computer!!!

  3. Howdy there, Jasmine’s human.

    • Hi…about bloody time mate!

  4. *confused gaze*

    I thought NA was too sick to go to the soccer?! Hope you have a fantastic weekend 😀

    PS: Is it also so misty our your way?

    • Morning JustMe…NA decided to wrap up warmly and take a chance…they had a wonderful time.
      It is a real peasouper here!

  5. Hi granny. Gladd NA made it ti the match after all. nice to have an esrly night, whatever the reason. Have a great weekend. Hugs to you.

  6. Hi granny. Glad NA made it ti the match after all. nice to have an esrly night, whatever the reason. Have a great weekend. Hugs to you.

    • Hello AD…yes…except I tossed and turned for hours in the early morning!

  7. I’m glad they did get to the football (I refuse to call it soccer) You must have been very mis without even a cup of coffee, that God I have a gas hob.

    • Hi Supa…I have one of those two plate thingies that work with a green gel but it was too much effort to get it out this morning.

  8. I can’t function at all without my coffee. Before we invested in a gas stove, I bought one of them two place gas hob thingies so I could boil water.
    Glad NA got to the football match.
    Take care, Granny, and have a super weekend.

    • Thanks Madmom…you too love.

  9. I’m glad NA was able to make it to the footie, and you were able to understand your grandson!
    I would have been murderous without my early morning mugs of coffee.
    Have a super weekend.

    • helloo Hp…I was more than muderous!!!

  10. Hi Granny,
    Sounds like you’re back up to par — that’s great. I’m having @#%$?! computer problems right now, and can’t post pics — am writing this from a laptop, no access to pictures — sigh. Anyway, have a great relaxing weekend — thanks for the sarcastic wit — always makes me smile.

    • Morning Kathy…sarcastic?….me?….Never!!!
      Computer problems suck…hope you get yours sorted out soon.

  11. Eighteen-year-olds are terrible at communication, and yet they seem to make themselves understood to one another. How, is a mystery.

    • Morning Col…you have that right…or they go to the other extreme…16 year old granddaughter never stops talking!

  12. “Blackout!” she wrote. Oh…Phew! It’s about electricity! I thought I was going to have to send Retired Bishop TuTu out to give you a sermon about over indulging in spirited drinks!

    Can’t resist mentioning a psychiatrist friend who has a 15 yr old son – monosyllabic and accompanies those singular responses with grunts. She just discovered a book, “The Children of Now” which she devoured with the speed of a teenager in MacDonalds. It claims that brilliant and gifted youth of today are communicating telepathically. She said she is progressing nicely with her son now that she understands that he is gifted. She doesn’t talk to him. So there you go. Testing is free today. Your grandson is brilliant and gifted!

    • Good Morning Souldipper….phew…this means I have THREE brilliant and gifted grandsons. I am so relieved.
      Pity this gift only appears when they reach their teens. I have grandsons of 16,17 and 18. I think there should be a law against that happening!
      I brought up four of my grandchildren for five years….this sent me headlong into senility but I like it here!

  13. Perhaps my sense of humour (in the last four sentences) is a little too dependent upon you knowing me. I hit the submit key a little too soon – meant to do a smiley. I’m regressing from D-Nile to C-Nile!! 🙂 – Amy

    • p.s. the extent of my spirited drinks is two glasses of wine…I am a party pooper of note!

  14. Ah yes – the electricity running out – know about that one. We have it at our business and when the electricity goes, so does the server which hosts a number of things – so have learnt to keep a spare token for emergencies. Have also got gas at home, our elec supply was so iffy at one stage that it became essential. Things have improved considerably though – but still prefer to use the gas for cooking – much quicker.

    • Now that is an excellent idea…do the vouchers expire?

  15. Love this picture 🙂

    • Hello Isabel…thank you for the visit…glad you enjoyed the pic!

  16. That’s why I could never go the prepaid route-I would never remember to top up.

    • Good morning BB….the first time it has happened to me…I blame the teenagers…they live in the shower!!!

  17. That was then, where are you now?

    • Hi Supa…I am back!!!
      Have been a busy bee!

  18. You aren’t enjoying this forum either are you?

    • Actually,Supa, I like it here.
      It took a bit of time but I have made some nice friends and nice people from Letterdash still visit!

  19. LMAO… oh my – how did I miss this post.
    You have two teenagers living with you – it is inevitable that you will have NO electricity, NO food and NO money left after just spendin 2 days with them buggers…. *mad cackling*

    • Stop it Lyndatjie…that is NOT nice!!!

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