Posted by: granny1947 | June 24, 2010

Granny and the workshop

Hi All.

So..this morning I had to go to a workshop on the Main Agreement.
I had no idea what the Main Agreement was or why I had to know about it.
It was held at a restuarant called the Wild Fig.
I have a sneaking suspicion the tree in the above picture could BE a Wild Fig.
Just a guess.

It was supposed to start at eight.
Eight o’clock arrived and no sign of life in the restuarant.
I was cold.
I had not had coffee.
If the figs weren’t wild I certainly was.

Anyway the hotel, in the grounds, came to our rescue and plied us with coffee and rather nice muffins.
This cheered me up no end.
I am NOT a nice person when I have not had coffee.

I was expecting to be bored out of my mind but it was rather interesting.
It helped that the presenter was  nice looking.
I still don’t know why I had to go but it was a nice break from work.

The other downside was I got a lift with our HR manager.
I am not a good passenger.
I am sure there is a hole in the floor on the passenger side.
She drives fast.
Right up behind other cars.
And changes lanes.
Mind you…if I had been in my own car I would probably still be wandering around looking for the place.

The view from the venue was stunning.
Being a good blogger I took pics to show you.

On a sadder note.

My grandson came down to Cape Town especially to attend a soccer match with my DIL.
He was SO excited.
DIL is very sick.
Has been on a nebuliser most of the morning at medicross.
He must be devastated.
The woman has a rotten sense of timing.
Seriously New Attitutude…I am very disappointed for you.
Love you to the sky and back.

Now I had better do some work!



  1. Can’t you go in her place????????

    • I wish…or rather…I would hate to go …she has to collect with her ID!!!
      A real bummer for the boy.

  2. Shame, can’t he go with someone else pretending to be your DIL? Why don’t you dress Barry in a dress and put some lipstick on him?
    So what was the Main Agreement?

    • She won the tickets so she has to collect them with her ID….Barry in a dress and make-up….my imagination is just not good enough!!!!!

  3. So sorry for NA and your grandson. Hope she’s soon better. That restaurant is in a lovely setting. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…see above…just hope NA is not going to get worse!

  4. Gorgeous views.
    Shame, your poor grandson must be devastated. I hope NA gets better soon.

    • Hi Hp…when I dropped the 5 year old off NA had dressed up warmly and they were going!!!

  5. Certainly looks like a ficus…

    Glad you were able to insert the pics – stunning as usual.

    So what the heck IS this Main Agreement?

    Glad it seems that they made it after all!

    • Good morning Col…it is to do about wages,unions and other rivetting stuff!

  6. Oh no….. and she was so excited to take him… POOR THING! Please give her my best and I hope she gets well soon. Poor grandson… 😦

    • Morning Lynda…they went!!!!Will find out later how they enjoyed!

  7. That second pic is STUNNING!!! Just beautiful!

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