Posted by: granny1947 | June 23, 2010

Granny Gripes


Good Morning All.

Once again….can’t insert pictures.
The only gripe I have with WordPress.
Otherwise I love it here.

So we got off half an hour early yesterday.
To watch the Bafana match.
I got home and headed straight for the beach.
The sea was wonderful.
Lots of waves and reflections.
I took four shots and my battery died.
They are new batteries I bought with an expensive battery charger in April.
I charged them just the other day.
I have now made a note.
If they die again soon the camera shop is in for an unpleasant time.
A VERY unpleasant time.
Walking without my camera is just so frustrating.

Ah….I can insert picures again.

A recent picture of grandchild number seven.
I’ll remember his name just now.
How can I, tactfully, tell his mother to lose the hat???

Have a lovely day.



  1. Morning honey. Not sure why you have difficulties with inserting pics, I’ve never battled.
    Don’t be cruel, the hat is cute.
    (But I sort of understand why you’d forget the name).
    He’s a beautiful baby.

    • Cindy you are too kind….the hat is awful!

  2. James? Sam? Peter? Hope somethings triggers the memory 😀

    *JustMe is grateful that she did not sell granny those expensive batteries and charger*

    • Hi JustMe…yes…they are going to be very unhappy if my batteries die again!

  3. I’ve only got two and I confuse their names….let’s just refer to his as Seven 🙂 The hat is cute man.

    • Hi Supa…I constantly call the 16 year old by my younger daughter’s name…annoys the hell out of her!

  4. Gorgeous Number 7, even with that hat. Good job babys are too young to know what they look like in some things moms dress them up in. ;-> Hugs to you.

    • Hi AD…I agree…however…I now have the evidence!

  5. baby7?

    Was it cold? poor baby doesn’t have much hair, so maybe being warm is better, even if grandmother is nasty about it

    how are you doing babe?

    • Hello Sidey….I am doing great thank you….how is YOUR work stress going?

  6. I also forget my sprogs names hence the Dork, Dorkus and Dorkisina tags. Much easier to remember.
    Bad hat or not, baby is gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful day, Granny.

    • Hello Madmom….what a clever idea….maybe I should just name mine after the seven dwarves?

  7. The hat could have been worse Granny – it could have had pink and purple pompoms on the top…

    Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce – I got a new computer and of course your addy disappeared and I’ve only now had the time to search for it again.

    • Hello Rose….a new computer…that is exciting…at work or at home?

  8. Hehehe, ditto on the hat, but if you mention it to your daughter, I’ll deny I agreed with you! Mind you, it could have been one of those simply dreadful headbands with a huge flower on the side if it was a little girl!

    • Thank heavens for an honest comment….was beginning to think I was a horrible Granny!

  9. Aaah Granny, my gripe is I can’t find you as easily on this site .. and that is a tragedy!
    Lovely pic my friend and cute babe #7 🙂
    Ta for the visit my friend .. have a great evening

    • Hi Love….chilly here…am almost ready for bed!!!

    • hi Puppycat…don’t know how to make it easier for you….will have to ask Cindy or Lynda!

  10. LOL…. I don’t blame you forgeting his name. SEVEN? Yoh!
    I think you should just call him NUMBER 7 because you seem to remember that quite well… *grin*

    • How can I forget the number seven?Still can’t believe I have seven of the buggers!

  11. My wife and I used to have a theory that putting babies in weird hats caused such psychological damage that they ended up in clock towers with rifles. But my wife put my son in some beauties and he hasn’t become a sniper … yet. I’m sure you’re relieved.

    We’ve been enjoying “your” World Cup … my son and I are huge football fans (see, I even call it football, but only when I want to impress). Exciting for US today, for sure….

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • hello Bud…yes am very relieved to hear it hasn’t happened YET…there is hope for the kid then?

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