Posted by: granny1947 | June 22, 2010

Granny and Eve

Good Morning Everyone.

So I was asleep at nine o’clock last night.
I was awake at one.
And two.
And three.
I got to thinking about the story of Adam and Eve.
No…I have no idea what made that come to mind.
It has to be a myth.
It made it into the bible by mistake.
I think it was a story made up to scare teenagers.
Like eat your carrots and you will have great eyesight.
Like too much of that and you will go blind.

Think of it.
You are in this wonderful garden and a snake talks to you.
Now I don’t know about you but if I met a talking snake I wouldn’t stick around.
Where was this garden?
Adam and Eve walked around naked.
It definitely wasn’t in Cape Town.

All God had to say was “do not eat these apples…they have worms”

What rubbish I am talking.
I must be feverish.

Let’s have another picture.
Just for fun.



  1. Bwahahaha, have you been at the bottle?

    (link posted)

    • thanks Cindy….lack of sleep does this to me!

  2. LOL @ Adam and Eve. When I get to “see/meet” her one day I going to klap the silly woman! Why do women never listen??? It’s because of her that us women have such a bad time with our monthlies! Have a great day granny.

    • Good morning 40….haven’t you heard of a hysterectomy? best op ever!!!

  3. I was also up when you were up!!! Little Madam broke her arm yesterday and we only got back from the hospital after 12!! Perhaps I should dash out and get us each a Red Bull six pack!

    • Good Morning Justme….how on earth did she manage to do that…poor little thing.
      Don’t think Redbull works…I’ll stick to extra strong coffee!
      Good to have you back…I have missed you!

      • It fell out of a tree at aftercare!!! Shame one of the doctors told her that he could not treat her as he is not a vet that can work on monkeys LOL!!

        PS: I’m on the 4th cup of strong, strong coffee and it’s done NOTHING!!!

        PSS: It’s great to be back!!!!

        PSSS: How are the accountancy lessons going?

      • Cute…love docs with a sense of humour.
        Think I need to go for a second cup.
        The accountancy lessons are going slowly!!!!

    • Ag no man JustMe…..poor little girl. Give her and you a hug from me!! xx

  4. Molo Molo Molo Gogo,
    Fever requires *drum roll* HOT TODDIES, lotsa of them! Go have a few! It will help promise.

    I agree it’s a myth! Tee hee and oh ja, what makes ya blind bwaa haa haa

    • Morning Everme…think there is a no alcohol policy at work…very unreasonable of them!

      • How cr@p is that!!!!

        *JustMe dashes off to check if this establishment has the same policy*

      • Pretty sure it will be the same…they take all the joy out of working!

  5. HAHA!!! You never fail to raise a laugh here….are you still sick luv?? I need a strong drink…for a very different reason! These two boys have been fighting and screaming since they got here at 8am!! $#@***** Hugs and love xx

    • Get them to climb a tree Colleen LOL and then have a great rest-of-the-day while you wait for x-rays and stuff 😀

    • Morning Colleen….get them to play cops and robbers….then tie them up!

  6. Good morning granny. You made me LOL. Fancy thinking of Adam and Eve when you can’t sleep! You are a strange one that’s for sure. Love the pics especially the second on. Hugs to you.

    • What do YOU think about at two in the morning AD????
      Spill the beans!
      Big hug to you too.

  7. those were pretty odd thoughts

    • Yes…even for me Sidey!!!

  8. Loved the post and all the hilarious commentary this morning! I think I’ll be giggling all day. I’ve often thought they should have a teachers’ lounge at school — especially for these end of the year days that just seem to suck the life right out of you. Ah well, the bar down on the corner will have to suffice, I guess. Take care Granny, watch the fevers.

    • Hi Kathy…glad we made you smile…hate bars…find the stools so uncomfortable…sign of age!

  9. So instead of counting sheep you mull over Old Testament stories? They tend to stress me out (too much smiting going on) so I don’t think that would work for me. Hope you get a nap. I’m going to have to look up the time difference between Michigan and South Africa. (That’s just the librarian in me coming out).

    • Hi Amy…when you find out the difference please let me know!!!

      • … and the answer is: Detroit is 6 hours behind Cape Town, South Africa. You can ponder that fascinating fact next time you can’t sleep.

      • Thank you Amylee…you are too good to me!
        I am glad I only saw this this morning!

  10. I always think of bible stories when I can’t sleep…..not! Hope you sleep better tonight.


  11. Lol, I must try that instead of lying awake thinking of my witch-in-claw egg donor 😦
    I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

    • WHAT??????????????????

      • She’s talking about that horribel mother in law of hers…. urgh! I can’t stand interfering old farts!

      • Thank you for clearing that up for me Lyndatjie!

  12. LMAO! Woman – I want what you are drinking because its making you hysterically funny…. 🙂

    • It is a trade secret Lynda…if i tell you i will have to shoot you!

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