Posted by: granny1947 | June 21, 2010

Granny’s random ramblings

Good Morning All.
A dreadful photo regarding light etc.
I still like it and it is my post.
My apologies to all you serious photographers out there.

So today I think I will live.
Am still coughing but,otherwise, I am MUCH better.
I decided,yesterday, that I needed something hot and rich.
To eat!
I made a huge pot of chicken stew full of potatoes and vegetables.
It might not have been chicken soup but it hit the spot.

I came over the mountain this morning and,as I reached the top, down below was a solid bank of cloud.
It looked like Cape Town had vanished.
Pity the light was not good enough to capture it.
I really MUST read the book that came with the camera.

This is Jasmine’s favourite hunting ground.
She once saw a mouse there.
She is determined to see it again.
It is also the breeding ground for thousands of little red ticks.

Now I have to go to the Monday meeting.
Last week I forgot all about it.

Have a great day all.



  1. Glad you’re getting better. My lot just landed, back from CT and O Bunn has appendicitis 😦

    • That is dreadful Cin….please let me know what the doctor says.

  2. Glad you are feeling better, the cough takes a while to shift I’m afraid *cough cough*

    • Morning Supa…revolting hey????

  3. Godd morning granny. I like your pic! Sorry about the lingering cough. Hope it soon goeas away. Hugs to you.

    • Thanks AD…the same to you,love.

  4. I also need something hot and rich…. *sigh*
    You think Jasmine might be ticked-off that the mouse didn’t say hello? *blink blink*

    • Especially the rich bit!!!!

  5. Glad to hear you feeling a bit better today….loving the Aloes so vibrant 🙂

    • Thanks Sweetheart…how is East London?

  6. Sorry to hear you’re still coughing 😦

    • Ahhhhhhh HP…but I am doing it so well!

  7. A South African Granny (albeit one year younger than me) who loves photography and lives somewhere around Cape Town just visited my blog…of course, I had to take a peek at hers! Thank God the flu hasn’t found a way to travel through the internet. Yet. Hope you are better! Since I just fell in love with South Africa last October, I am delighted to connect with you. And I am dazzled by your photograph. Truly. Often the best photographs we take are our best mistakes. Glad to meet you and look forward to more…

    – Amy (non-granny) from a tiny island off Western Canada.

    • Hello Amy…thank you so much for returning the visit…lovely to have you here.
      Did you come over and visit our beautiful country?

  8. Yes, I was at the Madikwe Game Reserve and Cape Town/area in October – on a Soul Safari. Precious, life-changing, and it initiated my love affair with South Africa.

    Hopefully when I stood on Table Mountain, I looked your way! You see? Your photos have very special meaning to me. Oh, and being Canadian, I was astonished at seeing the photo of snow. The earth is certainly begging us to ask questions.

    • Good Morning Souldipper…How wonderful that you saw Cape Town…I just love it here.
      You would have seen my home if you had looked over the BACK of Table Mountain.
      Did you do the Chapman’s Peak Drive(think it might have been closed then)…I am not far from there.
      Have a wonderful restoring day.

  9. Good afternoon, Granny. Have to say I love your picture, I think the muted grays and blues are gorgeous. I don’t know much about photography, but I believe it’s like any other art form — what moves you, moves you. It’s all about beauty and beauty has many forms. Thanks for sharing.

    • Good morning Kathy….You are quite right….I never thought of it that way…so what if there was too much sun…I didn’t share it with out expert here…he would have been itching to photoshop it.
      Have a great day.

  10. No, I didn’t get to Chapman’s Peak. I thought of you yesterday…kicked myself for not having my camera on my morning walk. Gorgeous misty morning, sun breaking through in spots onto our Harbour and suddenly two boats appeared. It would have been fabulous to share with you! – Amy

    • No Man Amy….ALWAYS take your camera,love!

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