Posted by: granny1947 | June 19, 2010

Sick Granny

Good Morning All.

I took the above picture while waiting for my grandson on  Thursday.
Not wonderful but different.
OK…I was bored and I have no “fresh” pictures.
I might just bundle up warmly, later on, and venture down to the beach.
I feel as weak as a kitten though.

This is one really mean bug.
Just can’t seem to shake the critter off.
I slept all day and nearly all night.
Had some interesting dreams.
All of which I have forgotten.

Oh no…I do vaguely remember one.
I watch one soapie.
I confess…yes I do.
Not that I HAVE to see it.
If I am around I watch  it.
It is a local one.
The villian in it appeared in one of my dreams.
As the villian.
Don’t remember the details but know he was there.

My fears of having two teenagers in the house at once didn’t materialise.
Grandson spent Thursday night here and the went off to his friends.
Probably won’t see him until it is time for him to leave.
Unless he brings his dirty washing home.

The accountancy lessons are going slowly.
The granddaughter has not grasped the absolute basics.
The text book is dreadful.
The worst part,however, is her mindset.
She has convinced herself she can’t do it.
If I wasn’t feeling so bad I would probably have shoved the book where the sun don’t shine.
I thought one was supposed to develop more patience with age.
Not so in my case.
I must be retarded.

Now I am off for a much needed shower.
Then,maybe, to the beach.
Also need to steamclean the lounge carpet.
After Jasmine’s accident.



  1. Shame man, take it easy and get better.
    Is that pic at Marina de Gama?

    • Morning Cin…yes…in the Capricorn Park shopping centre…are you better?

      • The flu is easing up, but the meds have upset my tummy. How are you feeling?

      • Much better today thanks cin.

  2. Oh dear, Granny.
    I hope feel better soon and granddaughter has a lightbulb moment with her accountancy.

    • Thanks Madmom…first I need to get her out of bed!!!!

  3. Sorry to hear the ‘flu’s still hanging around. You’ll probably feel better by Monday – just in time for work, lol! Keep warm.

    • Morning Adee…to quote our pres…absolutely!!!
      I shall probably be hale and hearty on Monday!

  4. This isn’t a happy weekend story granny. Get better soon. Hugs to you.

    • Good Morning AD….it could be worse….thanks for the hug….makes me feel better!

  5. Oh please…. The damn carpet can wait. Go to the beach and then take it easy. Hugsxx

    • Good Morning Doll….the dreadful stain is getting on my nerves.
      The carpet can wait….I can’t believe YOU said that!!!!!

  6. Sorry you are battling with the bug, take care and stay warm, leave the carpet till next week.

    • Hello Supa…are you enjoying the dudes?The carpet is driving me insane!

  7. Hope you’re feeling better. Leave the blessed carpet; it’s not going to go anywhere.
    Stay wrapped up and look after yourself 🙂

    • Morning HP…the stain is still there but it is LOOKING at me!!!

  8. Hope that you are feeling better by now?Life is too short to worry about stains on carpets.That is a nice pic.Keep

    • good Morning BB…lovely to see you here…thank you love.

  9. Hope you took that walk on the beach and left the carpet alone. Fresh air is what you need, not working yourself into a sweat over a stain. Just throw a small rug over it and tell everyone you re-decorated! Get well soon.


    • Morning K…..I did take the walk…it was cold but good…also got rid of the stain,yesterday,
      Feeling a lot better today!

  10. Harumph! Give Jasmine the bucket and mop and tell her to clean up after herself…. dogs can be so lazy! *grin*

    • I tried…she just gave me a Jasmine look!

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