Posted by: granny1947 | June 17, 2010

Miserable Granny

Good Morning All.

The above picture was taken in Montagu…about 100kms from Cape Town…not by me.
For oversea bloggers I need to point out that snow is a novelty to a lot of South Africans.
Many South Africans have never seen snow.
I have only actually been in snow once.
I found it cold and wet.
Highly overrated.
However, that is just me.

Out homes are not geared up for cold temperatures.
Only the very wealthy have central heating.
So, when the temperature drops to five or six, we all walk around saying WTF?
We will drive out to see the snow.
Let me rephrase that.
Some people will drive a couple of hundred miles to see snow.
I am NOT one of them.

This flipping virus is starting to bug me.
Pun intended.
I go from feeling fine to feeling rotten in seconds.
Have warned all my guys to stay well away from me.
I am dangerous today.
And I don’t mean infectionwise.

The mood in my stores is very subdued today.
The dismal performance by our soccer team,last night, being the reason.

After work I go to fetch my 17 year old grandson.
He is coming to spend some time with me.
This means there will be TWO teenagers in the house.
I will have to take out a loan just to feed the buggers.
For some reason teenagers feel the need to eat five times a day.

Have a super day all.



  1. Sorry you’re not 100% well yet. I spent Easter at Montagu a few years ago. Quaint little town.

    • Hi Adee…yes…lovely place…one I won’t be going near right now!

  2. Shame Lovey, the upside is that one of the teens makes fabulous flapjacks.
    I’ve also got the bug, feel dreadful.

    • Oh Dear…and YOU have visitors….the very thought of flapjacks makes me sick right now!

      • The visitors are at their Cape Town residence now.
        Where are you? Hope you stayed in bed today.

      • Morning Cin…sleppt all day….still feel very fragile…this is one mean bug.

  3. I have got the bug too. Hope you soon feel well again.

    • Hi Steph….looks like half of SA has the bug….get better soon.

  4. Get well soon granny. This bug is a bug#er. Think it’s what hubby and I had on holiday. Love the icy photos. hugs to you.

    • Ahhh AD…so YOU brought it back to us!!!

  5. Aaarg, I wouldn’t drive with the Mates to go see the snow. Instead I sat in a comfy chair drinking red wine and keeping warm.
    When they got home, what they say. Ohhh it was melted and we were in a car for 5, read it, FIVE hours. Sies, what a waste.
    *Happy smile* Glad I was wise!
    Get betta soon Gogo

    • Oy…five hours…they must be nuts…thanks love…feel dreadful right now!

  6. get better soon

    We South Africans generally love our occasional snow. It’;s here, then gone before it becomes a nuisance.

    • Hi Sidey…I guess so…I saw it once…that was enough.

  7. Beautiful pic …. get better soon 🙂

    • thank you Sweetheart…for everything…you get better too!

  8. Sorry to hear you’re being bugged 😦
    I drove with a bunch of friends once to see the snow – brrrr. I so don’t do the cold.
    Feel better soon.

    • Thanks HP…have just got back from fetching grandson…am now going to bed.Am going to STAY there until I feel better…maybe forever!!

  9. So sorry you’re still feeling under the weather! Me – I need 6 months holiday twice a year!!!! 🙂

    • That would have been me but didn’t win the lottery Wolf…see it is going up to 33million…that should just about do it!

  10. Sorry to hear you’re still battling that bug. Grab a comforter and some ginger tea with honey, that’ll take the chill off.
    I’m just having such a hard time comprehending snow in Africa, er, South Africa! If it’s any consolation, our temps here are well below seasonal — haven’t seen anything even near 20 degrees Celsius in over a week. Yesterday was particularly chilly. Hope you’re better soon.


    • Good Morning Kathy….have been drinking Rooibos tea with honey….think I just need to sleep this damn bug off.
      It is nice here today but chilly…might drag this body down to the beach later…might not!

  11. 2 teenagers = no post today?
    I hope you are getting well and have a great weekend.

    • Morning Rob….no post…slept nearly all day and all night….

  12. I don’t like teenagers! They make you feel very old when they play their noisy music and hop around with boundless energy. Bunch of damn energizer bunnies! 😦

    • You have different teenagers…mine sleep all day!

      • Ours sleep until about 12 or 1 – and then they go insane until about 4 in the morning. Even the bags under my eyes have got bags… 😦

      • Oh Good heavens…four in the morning…no way in hell…mind you…I took home five movies on my memory stick…granddaughter might have been watching in bed until four…doubt it though!

  13. Hi Granny
    Around these parts, we have snow November through March. Sometimes April. I get depressed towards the end of it all. You’re absolutely right – it’s wet, cold and overrated.

    • It’s a novelty here but I still don’t like it!

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