Posted by: granny1947 | June 16, 2010

Granny’s public holiday


Hi Everybody.

How lovely to have a day off in the middle of the week.
It should happen every week.
I got invited to very good friends for lunch.
We had venison pie.
Yes, Lynda and Veganese….I ate Bambi for lunch.
Sue me.

Good friends.(for over fifty years)
Good wine.(only two glasses…I was driving…my car)
Good food(I didn’t have to cook)
What more could a girl wish for?

OK…winning the lottery.
Giving up work…see above.
No debt…see above.

Actually…right now I am perfectly content.
I’ll save the worrying for another day.

It is freezing here now.
I think a hot shower and into bed.
Then I shall watch Bafana Bafana from my nice warm bed.

Try to get the memory of Jasmine’s upset tummy out of my mind.
Such a nice sight to meet me on my return.
The first time it has ever happened so I can’t be cross.

Have a great evening all.

Oh yes….I hear there is snow on Table Mountain.
I heard it on the radio.
So it must be true!!!



  1. Don’t believe everything you hear, Gran. Wrap up warm. -5°C here tonight. 🙂

    • Good grief Adee…are you in Sutherland?

      • Jozi, Gran, but MSN weather could be wrong. Tis 3½° now.

      • Morning Adee….NOW I remember why I have never wanted to live up there!

  2. What the hell did Bambi ever do to you?

    • Morning Belinda…he gave me an overdose of CUTE!

  3. I can’t believe how much catching up I had to do! No time for individual comments, alas. Already well past bedtime. Hope Jasmine’s internals are behaving again!

    • Good Morning Col….she woke me up at two this morning to go out…I was up like a flash!!!

  4. I saw pics on the internet of the snow on the mountain.
    Hope Jasmine’s better now?

    • Morning Cin…wonder if dogs can pick up human flu?My tummy funny too!

  5. Snow in June? We just got rid of all ours a few weeks ago — I really sympathize with you. Glad you to hear you had some ‘down time’ — we all need a little of that from time to time. My turn comes this Friday. Looking forward to working in my gardens. I’m wishing you some warm days!

    • Good Morning Klrs….yep…we are into winter here so we shouldn’t be complaining….but I am!

  6. Good morning Granny. Hope Jasmine is ok now. Lovely pics. Less said about the match the better I think. They did try hard though. Hugs to you.

    • Morning AD…Jasmine is fine…I am sick!

  7. You ate bambi? *howling and tearing of clothes*
    Bad granny!

    • Granny hangs her head in shame!!!

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