Posted by: granny1947 | June 14, 2010

Granny’s road blues and other stuff.

Hi All.
I took the above picture from my car.
While stuck in traffic.
I rather like it.

Today I should NOT have been on the road.
THEY were out to get me.
I have no idea who THEY are but they were defintely out for me.

This morning I went to fetch my elder son to take him to the airport.
On the way to pick him up I was at the traffic lights.
They turned green for me.
Thank God I checked to my right before taking off.
A white Citi Golf came straight through the red lights.
I could have been taken out.

Then, this evening, I get to the foot of my mountain pass only to find out the mountain has been closed.
Something about an oil spill.
This meant a U turn and back to back traffic for nearly an hour.

I come out of a side road onto Boyes Drive.
There is a car in the distance.

The woman is driving like a bat out of hell and takes a while to register I am in front of her.
She does some rather rude hand gestures.
I retaliate.
Then the strangest thing happens.
She keeps about 5oo yards behind me.
All the way.
There is this huge gap between us.
She must have been driving the people behind her crazy.

I can only think of two reasons for her strange behaviour.

a)She is deaf and can read lips…..she knows what I called her.
b)She is an expert at body language and is afraid, if she gets too close, I will leap out of my car and stab her with my imaginery knitting needle.

Then….I am on my home stretch.
A small pick up comes RIGHT up behind me.
The speed limit is 70kph.
I am doing 70kph.
If he had got any closer I could have charged him with indecent assault.

He eventually passes me.
Hoots and shakes his fist at me.
I am so annoyed I hoot back and give him the finger.
Actually, I was so cross I think I gave him TWO fingers.
Which could be the peace sign.
He then proceeded to go through a red light.
What is it with Cape Town drivers and cold, wet weather?
Do their brains cease to function?

To add to my woes…my son was really ill on the way to the airport.
He coughed, snorted and spat.
It was revolting.
We stopped for petrol(gas) and he bought a cooldrink.
On the way home, in the traffic jam, I was dying of thirst.
There was half a bottle of the cooldrink on the dashboard.
I fed that man.
I changed his dirty nappies.
I cleaned up his puke.
There was no way on earth I could put that bottle to my lips.

Sorry boy!



  1. Glad you managed to arrive safely after all the road hogs you almost rubbed bumpers with. Your poor son. Hope he;s better soon and didn;t give whatever he’s got to the other plane passengers.

    • Hi AD…I am sure he did…he also likes to share!!

  2. bwahahaha .. road users be very afraid when Granny onna warpath in her likkle yellow automobile!!!
    (Laughing with you my friend not at you) .. see .. you should have listened to me yesterday and stayed home today .. sigh .. have you learnt nothing ????
    And sadly no spot to stop halfway there to allow the traffic to abate – although I am sure if you turned up Jared would have fed you coffee 🙂
    Keep warm my friend

    • I should have listened to you Rob…was very relieved to get home!

  3. PS .. awesome pic my friend ..

    • Thank you…I was pretty chuffed with it seeing it was from a moving car while I was driving!

  4. beautiful picture – it looks so peaceful

    • Thanks Klrs….Boy are we having bad weather!!!

  5. Beautiful pic Gran, nicely framed by the trees! Hope you don’t get sick again – and hope your son is better soon. Terrible weather you’re having too.

    • Thanks Adee….holiday tomorrow…yippee…time for r+r!

  6. I love the pic, one of my most loved spots in the world. Sorry about all your bad road encounters. I’m told the weather is there for a while. Take some leave.

    • Morning Cin….Me too….always think Kalk Bay looks so brilliant from up there.

  7. Sounds like the drivers here in SoCal … I suppose people are the same everywhere … crazy! Great post, particularly the bit about your son’s “cooldrink,” a term I’ve never heard here. I think I’ll try it out.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

    • How interesting Oldereyes…an expression we grew up with…I had no idea it wasn’t used everywhere.

  8. I SO love all your pics! Glad to hear that you’re feeling a bit better..perhaps, with this freezing weather, you should pretend to be sick a while longer and stay under the covers? 😉

    • Hi Jem…oh I so wish I could but there is always tomorrow!!

  9. How I wish I had a view like this when stuck in traffic–it would make the common place transcendent.

    • Hi The lisas…thanks for the visit….yes…the views here are astounding…have been here for nine years now and STILL go WOW!!!

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