Posted by: granny1947 | June 13, 2010

Granny is getting there.


Where am I getting?
I am not too sure.
Getting better so I can go to work tomorrow?
How dumb is that?
Being sick is much more fun when it is during working hours.

I managed to get up this morning but I haven’t dressed yet.
I decided if I didn’t get up I might never be able to move again.
Have done two loads of washing and pretended to dust.
That is my lot for the day.
I kept waking up to cough.
And once to get sick.
But we won’t talk about that!

I spoke to Great Gran this morning.
She says her e-mail is now working.
However, she does not know where her Microsoft Outlook is.
My SIL is coming over later to do her hair.
Hopefully, she will be able to help her.
Think we could have a major hiccough in our relationship if I attempt to help her today!

So…no pearls of wisdom from this old girl today.

Have a great day all.


  1. Poor granny. Sorry you aren’r well. I hope you won’t go to work tomorrow if you’re no better. Nothing like doing housework when you’re feeling grim, but we women are made of stern stuff. Hugs to you and get better soon.

    • Thanks AD….I MUST be sick…I,normally,avoid housework like the plague!

  2. Get well soon, Gran. I think it’s best to stay inside until you’re well again.

    • Morning Adee…am contemplating the beach but think I might just give it a miss today.

  3. So sorry to hear you’re not well – keep warm and get better soon – Jasmine will survive without a walk – she’ll probably sulk but she’ll survive 🙂

    • Hello Wolf…and boy is she sulking!!!!

  4. Get well soon, Granny.

    • Thanks Madmom…where are the Sunday Snippets?

  5. I’m so sorry you’re still ill. Hope you’re being taken care of. Ignore the dust; it’s only bad for five days and then it can’t get any worse. Dusting is a futile exercise!

    • Tell me about it Cindy…it just keeps coming back…the dust,I mean!!!

    • Morgue has offerred me soup but I think I am going with a glass of wine here!

  6. *offers big bowl of chicken soup*
    I don’t really understand the American custom of bringing chicken soup to ill people, but it’s the thought that counts,right? I mean, if nothing else, you could dip your feet in it,go for a walk,and have a chuckle as to why every dog on the beach is following you and sniffing your tootsies,right?
    I admire your fortitude in still trying to accomplish things, but you’re doing it wrong, woman. Being sick is the one time you’re absolved from all that icky stuff. Embrace the illness :p

    • Thank you so much Morgue….it might not help but it won’t hurt!!!!

  7. Hello my friend 😦 that you not been feeling well – that not good news 😦 😦 .. don’t go to work tomorrow – stay in bed and get all the way better !! Saw your comment on my blog and indeed I do – … still get to see the old email as well
    Get better n stay warm!!

    • hello My Friend….see you are also going to get cooler weather tomorrow. Freezing here today.
      will drop you a line soon!

  8. glad to hear you were up and about. take care of yourself, the dust will always be there tomorrow, anyway. and, so what if it is?

    • Good Morning klrs…feeling much better today….dust….my nemisis!

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