Posted by: granny1947 | June 12, 2010

Karma attacks Granny


Good Morning All.

OK…no it isn’t.
A good morning.
I have woken up with a dreadful cough.
And sore bones.
How does one get sore bones?

I mentioned,the other day, that I have now used up all my medical aid.
Can’t get sick for the rest of the year.
Fate decided to prove me wrong.

Granddaughter has just given me a flu tablet dissolved in water.
It tasted ok.
One problem.
I am scared to look at the expiry date.
I don’t even remember buying  them.
They are OLD.
Oh well…..what doesn’t kill fattens.

I also have a headache.
Thought I would mention that in passing.

I think all the Americans must be up and about.
Can’t insert a photo.
I have surmised that this happens when the site is very busy.
Well, it is MY theory and I am sticking to it.

Oh Dear…I am rambling.
Think I should go back to bed.

Oh yes…I think I should just mention South Africa scored the first World Cup goal.
That was a surprise.
I yelled.
Maybe that explains my sore throat!!!

Now…let’s try the picture again.




  1. Ooooh NO NO NO!! Not the flu bug granny….Its just awful! Oh dear…Im really sorry to hear that. Lets hope the flu tablet is so old that it has tripled in strength and will make you all better very quickly…like later today!! Beautiful pic! Love you!! xx

    • Thanks Love….do you think it cam over the phone wires?
      Can I blame you?

  2. Headache and sore bones do go with the ‘flu – but I hope it’s just the yelling, excitement and the noise from the vuvuzelas and you’ll shake it off in no time!

    • Morning Adee….this is chest infection(I think). Am dosing myself on honey and disprin.

  3. The beach looks lovely *sigh*
    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Morning Supa…thanks love…not there yet but getting there!

  4. Stay warm and tucked up in bed.That is the only way to deal with the

    • Good morning Adair…have dragged myself up…the body is rebelling at being in bed so long!

  5. I just felt I should tell you every MAN I have ever known,including current hubby, regards expiration dates as a suggestion,not an important guideline. Hubby did this with some pills just the other day and I rolled my eyes cos I’m old school, I think the expiration date is there for a reason. But hey,all those men are still alive and in good health,so maybe I’m the nervous Nellie and they’re the smart ones. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Morning Morgue…lol@current…..yes…live life dangerously…am still here this morning so they weren’t deadly!

  6. Poor granny!! Sick – and then us dang Americans getting in the way of your blogging. Well, not ‘us’ because it wasn’t me. I promise! 🙂

    • Morning Grandawn….ok….lots of other Americans but not you…hehehe

  7. Your beach shots make me long to leave this windy province for the smell of salt and rushing sound of surf on sand. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Morning klrs…we get wind here too…we get LOTS of wind…the black south easter can be awesome…but you are right…the beach here is just incredible.

  8. I do hope you’re feeling better.

    • Thanks Love…marginally…tomorrow will be better!

  9. love your blog. love you. get well soon dear one.

    • Morning Love….I will try …I MISS you!!!!

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