Posted by: granny1947 | June 11, 2010

Granny and it is here.

Good Morning All.

This is going to be a HARD morning.
World cup fever has hit our firm.
With a vengeance.
I doubt I am going to get ANY work out of my guys.
Or me for that matter.
We knock off at 12:30 today so everyone can be at home for the big opening ceremony.

Oh yes…before I go any further….my sincere condolences to Nelson Mandela and his family.
His 13 year old great granddaughter was killed in a car crash in the early hours of this morning.
So very sad.

Well, I got absolutely nowhere trying to assist my Mom last night.
After 45 minutes we had got nowhere and she was exhausted.
Guess what I will be doing this weekend?

I pick up my 16 year old granddaughter after work.
She is coming to me for the holidays.
A poop picker upper.

On the downside she is battling with accountancy.
We are going to go right back to the beginning and see if I can get her head around it.
She is also battling with Maths.
I can’t help her with this.
I decided from the outset that  A+B would never equal C.
Luckily for me …theoriginalcin has written a maths book to aid learners…she is going to send me a copy….don’t you just love friends?
MUCH nicer than family.
You get to choose them.



  1. Good morning granny. Regarding maths, I lot the plot when they brought letters into it!!! Pfffft, numbers are bad enough!
    Enjoy the time with your poop-scooper!

    • mY FEELING EXACTLY 40!!!

  2. I think everyone struggles with Maths sooner or later. Have a great weekend

    • hello Ramblings…thank you for the visit!
      Yes…am not too worried…she does very well in most subjects.

  3. ============<()!!!!!!!!!!

    • Morning Cindy…is that a smile?
      Please link me….thanks love.

    • >=============<() pprrrrrrrrrrrrpprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

      • Oh Good Grief Justme!

  4. Well, one good side-effect: not only is it school holidays but the whole of Jozi must have taken leave for the SWC. The streets this morning were very quiet at rush hour and I was in and out of Home Affairs in ½ an hour! Reminded me of December.

    Good luck with the maths!

    • Morning Adee…I am lucky…very seldom sit in traffic…don’t think I could handle it!

  5. Accountancy gets easier when you go back to the old fashioned T accounts and remember that for EVERY Debit there must be a Credit 😀

    Can’t held with the maths though 😦

    • Yes….double entries….that is how I am going to start with her.

      • I did a bookkeeping refresher course a while back and it was all manual (no computer to do your double entry!). I am so glad I did, because it all makes more sense 😀 Occasionally when I “struggle” with a journal, I still draw my T accounts LOL

      • Me too!!!!!!!

  6. I STILL get nightmares about having to write matric maths!!!
    Have a fantastic weekend Granny.

    • You did matric maths Rose? Granny is VERY impressed!

  7. You can just see how much Jasmine is enjoying her paddle – lucky dog. Good luck with the maths and accountancy! Shame – extra school work AND pooper scooper – tut tut!

    • Hi Wolf…you can think of a better use for a teenager?

  8. Enjoy the time with your pooper-scooper!

    • Poop scooper is still fast asleep and I have a damn cold!!!

  9. You held out for 45 minutes? LOL…. just how many Prozacs did you take to last that long? RESPECT WOMAN!

    • I will give her YOUR number Frog!!!!

  10. Eek! Good luck with the Accounting and Maths.
    Enjoy having your grandchild around and have a good weekend.

    • I am sick this morning…damnit!

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