Posted by: granny1947 | June 9, 2010

Granny repeat

A post from last year…copied from my old bloghome. 

And the mercury continues to climb.
And I have a serious nap atttack coming on.

This is Tom.
Such an original name for a cat.
He is my master.
And a very demanding one too.
He demands food.
He demands love.
He demands for the door to opened even if the window is open.

Two days ago he came home looking like a train had gone over him.
OK…slight exaggeration.
If a cat could have a black eye he would have two.
He has little cuts all over his face.
He is limping.
He is dirty.
He looks as if he has been in the engine of a car.
Grease all over.

I wonder what the hell happened.

He is, however, revelling in all the attention.

Loving all the nice treats I keep bringing home.

He might never recover!



  1. Hi Love,
    missing you !

    • Napier!!! Missing you too love!

  2. Good grief, Gran, he had a night on the town and now you’re rewarding him, lol! 😀

    • Come on Adee….what’s not to reward????

  3. hmmm … visiting Tomasetta? Lucky Tom, I think.

  4. He was out cavorting with other Tom, Dicks and Harries! 🙂
    (I remember this post and sitting back and wondering where on earth the little blighter got to!)

    • I never did find out Lynda!!!

  5. Lol, has he done it since?

    • Frequently HP…not the black eye bit but the gallivanting!!!

  6. You can tell he’s got it made!

    btw – Interesting developments back at L-

    I had a very conciliatory communication.

    Still awaiting a follow-up, though, to email I sent asking further questions.

    • Morning Col…did they address the real issues?

  7. cool photo of Tom. I often wonder what goes on in the social life of cats…?! They don’t say though. Its like having a boyfriend, but slightly less stressful!

    • A LOT less stressful…I don’t mind if Tom two times me!!

  8. Very good-looking cat indeed.
    Sounds like he’s got it made 😉

    • Hello mrakm…great to see you again…Yep…tom has a wonderful life!! I want to come back as him…or Jasmine.

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