Posted by: granny1947 | June 9, 2010

Granny for president.

Hi All.

A cloud followed me to work today.
No-one else appeared to have their windscreen wipers on.
Is this an omen?
Could be that I washed my hair just before leaving.

I am very depressed.
I have realised that I can never be the president of this country.
The end of a dream.
I just don’t qualify.

It is not my age.
Most presidents appear to be old.
Not in the UK or in America but defintely here.
You don’t have to be attractive.
Or slim.
So far so good.

However….I did a comparison between myself and President Zuma.

Zuma has had five wives.
He is apparently planning to marry two more this year.
One wife committed suicide.
One divorced him.
Those were the bright ones.
For the overseas readers let me point out that, if he marries two more, he will have FIVE wives.
At the same time!

I have had three husbands.
At different times.
They didn’t even overlap.

Zuma is expecting his 21st child.
No…that is not a missprint.
Twenty one kids.
Probably a whole heap of grandkids.
I just can’t compete.
My four kids pale into insignificance.

Zuma has been up on a rape charge.
I have never raped anyone.
I have never even been accused of raping someone.
I am so boring.

Zuma spent years in and out of court on corruption charges.
I suppose I could do something about that.
Any offers?
The charges are still hanging around somewhere but he is too busy
making babies being president to go to court.
You have to love this country.

I would have made a good president.
I would have banned nepotism.
Only as it would have prevented me from EVER working with one of my offspring.
I could go on but I need coffee.
And, I should do some work.

Have a super day all.



  1. I’d be laughing my head off if it wasn’t so bloody outrageous.
    Have a nice day granny.
    (FB link is up on your page)

    • Morning Cindy…thank you so much!

  2. Wow, Gran, I’m sorry to say you can’t compete at all ‘cos you don’t have JM for your PR!

    • I never thought of that Adee….you are so right!

  3. I’d vote for you!

    • Ahhhh….thank you Supa!

    • So would I!!!!!!!!!!

      *JustMe orders Vote for Granny posters and banners*

      • Wait Justme….I need to have a haircut first…and find a couple of husbands!

      • Should we do mirror socks too? Your campaign can start after the whole world cup hoohaa!

      • WHAT are mirror socks?Granny shows her ignorance!

      • Those flag thingies that are on car side mirrors 😀

      • Oh Good Grief…of course…forgot they were called socks!!!

  4. About those corruption charges – what ya offering – I take ya shopping bwaa haa haa. I did lol so hard fanks

    • Hi Ever…A seat on my cabinet…Minister of Art and Culture!

  5. Granny for President? You’re just looking for a quick way to get rich. Nice try! ;->

    • Damn…you didn’t fall for it AD?

  6. well — you’ve got my vote! a great sense of humour is about all you’d need to be a good president — loved your post this morning.

    • thanks Klrs….In this country a previous conviction for some sort of crime is almost mandatory!

  7. LOL – you’d get my vote

    • Hi Sidey…a couple more and I am all set to go!!!

  8. I love your beach photos.

    Enjoy the beach on our behalf 😉

    Well said.

    Take care.

    • Thanks Tokkie…will do.

  9. I’d vote for you too. And, by the by, when I grow up I want to live wherever you are. Your pictures are lovely.

    • Hi Amylee…thank you for the visit…you will have to come to darkest Africa!!!

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