Posted by: granny1947 | June 8, 2010

Seeing Granny!

Good Morning All.

So…yesterday I got a call to say my new glasses were ready.
Dashed in on the way home to pick them up.
The damn things took my ENTIRE medical aid savings for the rest of the year!
I had to pay in.
This Granny cannot afford to get sick for the rest of the year.
I will have to save up all my ailments until January.
I had better warn my cute doc to take leave before then.

I was going to post about my aspirations to be the next state president.
But that will have to wait until tomorrow.
I am too tired.
My DIL and I went to a comedy show last night.
It was excellent.
Mark Samson and Nick Rabinowitz.
It was to raise funds for the Shark Spotters.
I don’t really have much enthusiasm for the organisation.
I do not swim in waters inhabited by sharks.
For crying in a bucket….these are great white sharks.
My DIL does.
Sometimes I wonder about her.

Anyway it was an evening of belly laughs.
That should keep me healthy for the next six months.
If not I will have make my own humour.
Like touching the keyboard of our resident compulsive obsessive.

Now let me go and get my coffee.
I need it.
I look as if I have been out on the tiles all night.

Wait…think I might just put in an old favourite photo.
Just for fun.



  1. If I were living there, Gran, I would never get anything done – I’d spend my days just watching the sea and the tides. Don’t talk to me about medical aids, lol!

    • Ah so you have noticed how little I do Adee!!!
      My medical aid is CRAP!!!

      • What medical fund is it?

      • Discovery!!

      • WHAT??? I thought they were so good!

      • It is a glorified hospital plan!

  2. I love Mark Samson!
    Enjoy your day granny.

    • You too Cindy…he was hysterical and so was Nick Rabinowitz!!

  3. Umm so where be the picture of the granny mit new brille – I can see clearly now??

    • Morning Miss Chris…read post again…bloodshot eyes?????

  4. Eish, I know what you mean. I am waaaaay overdue for new specs – the prices put me off.
    Have a great day, Granny.

    • Morning Madmom..It was a toss up for me…teeth or eyes…thought seeing was more important than chewing…hope I was right!

      • At least you can see the wine they pour for you!!

      • I would see the wine if I was blind!

      • BWAHAHAHA at least you don’t need to chew wine 😀 You made a good choice! I would have chosen seeing over chewing too!

        *JustMe realises why granny thought her latest grandson looked like a monkey … it was them eyes of hers!*

      • I thought so!!!

  5. have a super day!

    • Good Morning Tandy…you too love.

  6. *JustMe waves at granny … not the usual both-hands-in-the-air type wave, just a normal one handed wave, afterall granny can see her now*

    The St Johns Ambulance Service runs an eye clinic here and a colleague and her mother both got new specs for R600 (for both). The frames are not as modern, but the lenses are the same.

    Enjoy the coffee 😀

    • Morning Justme…Mine were a thousand rand for EACH lens…however…they are multifocals.
      You need to wave with both hands still…am still trying to adjust to the new specs!

      • Her mother’s were also multi focals!

        *JustMe waves with both hands*

      • You DO know you could have told me about this BEFORE I had my done?

      • *hangs head in shame … but then realises that she only found out about it when granny had already ordered said specs*

      • OK…you are forgiven!

  7. Tjo, that bottom picture is stunning. How’s it going Gogs? How is my friendest dog?

    • Morning Simon!!!Was just thinking of you yesterday….nice thoughts. Your dog is unhappy…no walkies with this damn weather!
      How is the gorgeous Mike?

  8. Morning 😉 hope you have a fab day…..:-)

    • You too Sweetheart…mwah!

  9. I had my eyes tested a little while ago and thankfully my eyes had stayed much the same, so my specs can keep going a bit longer.


  10. Godd morning granny. Glad you had a good laugh last night. You’d better wrap yourself in cotton wool until January comes around. Lovely pics. Hugs to you.

    • Morning AD…nope…just won’t think about it…fortunately…am very healthy.

  11. I also think DIL is dilly. Those are wild animals in their home habitat.

    Give Jasmine a pat for me.

    • Morning Sidey…SCARY wild animals!!
      Jasmine not talking to me because of the weather but I will pass on the message!

  12. Jasmine blames you personally for the weather?

    The question is, are you taking a better view of the world now after all that expense?

    I hate the thought of disagreeing with something that ate me (okay, I swiped that from Ian Fleming).

    • No…I am not…still trying to adjust to the glasses!!!

  13. So now you have sextupled vision?

    • Now you are making me feeling giddy.

  14. Ok – I have a solution for you… my medical aid is brilliant! They just paid for TWO multi-focal glasses for me (one has been turned into sun glasses). So the answer is simple really…. I WILL ADOPT YOU! I’m clever huh?

    • You are brilliant girl…you don’t think they will notice the difference in ages?

      • They just have to go on looks…. I’m so tired that I’m old and haggard and looking close to 90 right now… 😦

      • I feel for you love…it is nearly over!!!

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