Posted by: granny1947 | June 5, 2010

Saturday Granny

Hello All.

The above is a picture taken in December last year.
I have just copied it from a post on my old site.
Am, once again, unable to insert today’s pics into the post.However, I love this pic so thought I would share it.

I have my sixteen year old granddaughter here for the weekend.
It is great.
She just picked up dogpoop for me.
There is an upside to teenagers!
The downside was she took an hour to get ready to go to the beach.
What do they DO in the bathroom that takes that long?
Maybe I don’t want to know.
She also wants to play games on my computer.
I am being forced to go for a nap!!!

Eureka….that is a “today” pic.
That hill is called Slangkop.
Roughly translated that means Snakehead.
I have never had the urge to climb small mountains.
Small mountains called snakehead do not feature on my wishlist at all.

And, because I can, a picture of a very happy Jasmine.

Now, a nap is in order.



  1. Teenagers can be wonderful when they want to! As always, beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks Adee…This teenager is alsways a delight.

  2. Now you know you are not going to sleep tonight! Jasmine looks happy.

    • Hi Supa….I WILL sleep tonight…I love to sleep!
      Jasmine was in her element.

  3. Perhaps the teenager wanted to be sure of removing all possible traces of the de-poop exercise? 🙂

    I’d be up Slangkop like a shot! I DO hills.

    You really managed to catch Jasmine with an unlikely-looking leg position!

    • I KNEW there was something different about you Col!!!:D

  4. I don’t suppose teenagers hire themselves out to do garden duty?
    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • It might work if you lived closer HP…Nah…don’t think so!!!

  5. Your pictures always calm me down. I used your side of the world for my background.
    Hope you’re sleeping tight. Love lots xxx

    • Hi Dinx…I must come and have a look…thought you had Natal as your background.

  6. I’ve been up Slangkop.
    (I’ve also only ever seen Jasmine happy!)

    • Morning Cin…Never mind the rest of the snakes…did you see any heads?

  7. You slave-labourer you! Poor grand child being abused like that… *wonders if Granny can send her over for a visit* 😉

    • I’ll ask her but don’t hold your breath!!!

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