Posted by: granny1947 | June 2, 2010

Stupid,stupid,STUPID Granny

Good Morning All.

This could be a long post but bear with me.
I have to share my humiliation with you.

Yesterday I purchased a new three gig package from Telkom(our service provider)
They couldn’t confirm I was going to retain my e-mail address so they gave me a number to phone.
I, duly, phoned the number and was given an automated message to say all agents were busy and my waiting time was 25 minutes but I could press a couple of buttons and I would stay in the queue and they would phone me back.
This I did.
Then I was too scared to leave my office.
You don’t want to lose your place in that queue.

Back to the new gig package.
They gave me a new user name.
It went something like this.
Good heavens…it has turned into a link.
Don’t try to follow it….I just made it up.
I,happily, went home and when we got back from our steaks I sat down at my computer.
I entered the above.
Boffins are already laughing at me.
I can handle it(shut up Lyndatjie)
I got four lights on my router.
There should be five.

I,carefully, checked what I had typed in.
I had left out the point after dsl.
Tried again.
Four lights.

After several attempts I gave up and phoned Telkom.
After an hour I got through to a human.
His name was Xolani.
No really non South Africans….that WAS his name.
Don’t try and say it.
You will do yourself an injury.

He was very condescending.
But, that is another story.

After half an hour of me retyping that damn user name in a hundred times the penny dropped.
X…..Are you typing in the WORD numeric?
A pregnant silence filled with amazement and scorn.
X…take out the word numeric.
It worked.

Frigging hell…..

PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who would have done that.
I thought so.



  1. *whispers* I’ve done it *hugs the granny with understanding and empathy*

    Stunning pic.

    • Ahhhhh…thank you love…I feel so much better!
      Please can you link for me…thank you.

  2. I promise I would have done it too!!! Thank goodness Mr JustMe is IT minded 😀

    How was your steak??

    • My partner does not even know how to turn on the computer so it up to me to make a fool of ymself!!The steak was excellent!

  3. In early days, I typed out ‘dot’. ‘Nuff said?

    • Okay…Now I DO feel better!!!!!!

  4. When I changed to Telkom ADSL in January, from Vodacom 3G, I didn’t have a clue! Up here I must say Telkom have been GREAT compared to my previous internet provider. And I get a call after I have phoned the tech help asking if I was happy with the service! Wonderful. And I had huge reservations before the change. 😀

    • Morning Adee….I can’t really complain about Telkom….have had one or two bad experiences but mostly very good service.

  5. BWAAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry luv, I have been spluttering, choking, laughing and mopping up for the last 5 minutes…..since I spotted numeric up in that username!! Oh granny! YOU make my day without fail. I don’t even have to see you or hear your voice but you still manage to make my day! Love you bunches. I’m so glad Xolani put you straight LOL!! 🙂 xxx

    • So…you are one of the boffins Colleen?
      Glad I made you laugh….are you feeling better love?

  6. Off to the dentist now…love you xxx

    • Good luck…love you too!

  7. I have done equally dof things so don’t worry about it. We have to remember that we thought technology had arrived when they gave us golfball typewriters! 🙂

    • Hi Supa!!!!Do I spy a wordpress address?????
      am on my way over!

  8. *splutter splutter* don’t feel bad Granny – there are a LOT of people out there who are worse. Had a customer phone today, very upset because she bought her laptop from us and we didn’t show her how to switch it off!!! sigh!

    • OMW Wolf…even I know how to do that….if all else fails…push the power button!!!!

  9. I would have probably also made the same mistake, but then I’m easily confused.

    • You are too sweet Mrakm!!!!

  10. Um, may I rather reserve comment? *grin*

    • Morning HP….you may comment…I have opened myself up to it!!!

  11. Ummmmmmmmmmm. . .
    I’ve never done anything like that. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

    • Grandawn you crack me up!!!!Big hug back at you!

  12. LMAO!!!!!!! Granny you must be smoking something – but this is hysterical. Thanks for the good laugh – I seriously needed it.

    • Shame Lynda…are you having a bad time? Don’t worry …it will soon be over.

  13. my opening line to them is ALWAYS “When it comes to this thingymabob I know NADA!!!” Clear myself immediately of any wrong lol

    • Blanket!!! How wonderful to see you.
      Yes I did warn him….after an hour he believed me!

  14. I can only laugh.. sorry :(. But you did make my evening :).
    HUGS xxx

    • You can laugh Dinx…everyone else did!!!!!

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